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I work with home owners all days long. . My primary goal is to keep them in their home if that makes sense.  My next goal, is to help with a short sale if they can not afford a modified payment. I would like to work with private money if the payment makes sense.  I do not want to offer a client m...
Chances are if your facing foreclosure your completely stressed out.   If the foreclosure is on your Primary residence you may have more options than if it is on a rental property.  Also making home affordable is typically for first loans that are $729,950 and below, owner occupied, loan originat...
  Just a quick note for home owners who are trying to work with their lenders on a Loan Modificaitons.   Two very important things that should be included with your loan modification package are:   1) QWR - this is allowed per respa and now Dodd Frank, what it does:  this allows the homeowenr to ...
  If your a home owner looking for help with a Loan Modificaiton or short sale it is very important to make sure your not being "sold" and your actually getting help. There are a lot of comments out there that homeowners can do their own loan modification however I would be very careful.   In cho...
If you have a first loan with GMAC  and you owe more than your home is worth we may be able to help get you a Short Refinance. There are a few programs available: 1:  Short Refinance for Negative Equity Loans:  You must be Current on your mortgage payments.       You must owe more than your home ...
I specialize in helping home owners who are facing a financial hardship.   Not every loan will get modified. Not every loan should get modified.  Think of it this way.  some home owners were tricked into a negative amortization loan, they are paying way more than they could afford to pay to stay ...
Did  you lose your home to foreclosure? Is the second loan trying to collect money from you? You may have options.    (this is not legal advice, for educational  use only) The second loan may be "A sold out Junior Lender".  If the lender irrevocable If the second loan was used to purchase the pro...
Do you have a second loan that is completely underwater? Example  you have a home worth $550,000. A first loan of $600,000 and a second loan of $100,000? You may have a few different options. Ihave had several clients tell me that they havent had many options available to help with the second loa...
Do you owe more than your home is worth? There are programs available for Home Owners who Live in their home and are current on their mortgage but owe more than their home is worth. Short Refinance.  Two programs are available.  One for homeowners who have an FHA loan that is current, and one for...
Currently the Making Home Affordable Modification is one of Many Modificaitons available for Home Owners facing a financial hardship. The HAMP Program is intended specifically for: 1: Owner Occupied homeowners. 2: First Loans that are below $729,950 3: the loan was originated before 1/1/09 4: the...

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