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I'm a full time Myrtle Beach real estate agent that focuses on Myrtle Beach homes and Carolina Forest real estate. I'm happily married to the most amazing wife in the world Katherine, and we have three amazing children that are our built in entertainment system. If you want to search for homes for sale in Myrtle Beach, check out In addition, you will find content here about online consulting tips and information on how to use various social media platforms to increase your business. Also sharing tips on how to get your own custom WordPress Site. For more on that, visit
Today I am sharing part 2 of my series on Social Media Engagement vs. Sales. Last week I shared Six Steps to Converting Guests to Fans of Your Facebook Page. It covered several different issues that I have seen on various Facebook Pages over the past few months. This post is today is going to ve...
Today I decided to start another mini series here on the 210 blog. It was birthed out of cleaning out my Page Suggestions box on my Facebook Profile. You know what I mean, all those wonderful requests you get to join pages like "My Dog is Cuter than Yours" & "Save the endangered Grass." In additi...
If you haven't noticed recently, spam has become a regular occurrence on most successful Facebook Pages. I have various different pages for all types of projects I am working on and so they get hit with spam almost daily on each page. When on coaching calls with my clients they ask me how to remo...
This past week I have spent hours erasing data from old computers that are laying around my house. At first I just thought, well, I can just go into the documents/settings files and delete things out and I would be good. But, after a conversation with my brother-in-law I realized that there is mu...
Today is a very special day.  It is the day we get to celebrate the 40th birthday of my business partner, Jason Crouch.  I met Jason several years ago and I must admit I am very happy to have done so.   He is a father of four, a wonderful husband and someone I am proud to call a friend. So, for h...
I admit it, I find myself being a Foursquare junkie at times.  Ok, all the time. Becoming a mayor is as addicting as chocolate to a pregnant woman.  Not to mention the badges that you can grab and how that will continue to feed my addiction. Today I'm not getting into the ways to use Foursquare f...
How to Use Creative Commons Photos- The Why We all understand the importance of adding photos and labeling them properly into our blog posts.  Adding just 2 images can increase the time someone stays at your blog by up to 300%!  That means if the average time is around 30 seconds, we can get some...
Today we continue our series on how to blog and increase your blog traffic by discussing the subject of keywords.  In case you missed my last post, you can read it here and pick up a few more good nuggets on how to increase your blog traffic. Keywords are by far one of the most misunderstood comp...
Increasing blog traffic through organic search engine results is one of our most popular classes that we teach here at 210 Consulting.  The reason this is subject is so popular is that many understand the importance of their blogs showing up well in the search engines, but are not exactly sure wh...
We are excited to be hosting our first official contest today! Our friends over at Uprinting, a printing company contacted us and gave us 2 sets of 500 business cards for us to give away to two of our fans. Watch the video below to learn all about the contest. More specific details are listed bel...

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