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This on-going controversy has been gumming up the SEO works for years. We had some definitive answers when Google stated that 100 per page was plenty although it's been proven that over 100 links per page or post are not penalized. Clearly, no amount of links on a page has necessarily been penali...
Waterfront property… That term alone evokes a little bit of a luxury emotion in us. Of course, you can have a broken-down dump next to a beautiful lake but that's usually not the picture most of us envision when we think of waterfront property. A little bit of paradise comes to mind for me when I...
"This person says on their phone that the dash here looks odd""That person said they didn't like the color on this page""My friend said he couldn't find the menu""This person said the subscribe should be at the bottom" This is what we hear as website designers all the time. I get it that you want...
If you've built up a good wealth of blog posts either on ActiveRain or on your website, it's not a bad idea to bring some of those older posts back to life, especially if they have great information that is timeless. This can also go for annual events. Let's say you had a post on Halloween events...
Local SEO at its FinestOk, so let's start with the simple question. What is a business citation?Business Citations are what Google and Bing use to rank your site in the three-pack. Three pack? What is a three-pack?In the Google Search results you will see this:No doubt that you have seen then whi...
Do you go to your website every day?Do you assume a color change on a button will get you more traffic?Do you worry people will see a general image on a community post and assume that's the house you're selling?Do you literally want to change 10 tiny details on your website every day?Do you check...
For Flex MLS subscribers, the only CRM currently available is the iMaxCRM, one of the best in the market. iMaxCRM is now integrated with Flex MLS powered by Spark API and available to Flex MLS subscribers. This powerful customer relationship management (CRM) fits into the Flex MLS and is been tes...
Keep People On Your Site!That's one of the biggest issues with websites... how to keep people on the site. It's not just one page either. We want people clicking around all the time! But if we don't give our readers anything to click on then they certainly won't go searching themselves. We have t...
Our line of work is always morphing and changing and while we don't do it all (and that's okay) we can do a lot of tasks... of which most agents just don't have time for. Whether it's building a website from scratch, writing custom, optimized content, social media management or link integration, ...
This is very common. People assume that the minute they have a website people should find them and their business should be booming. I get it, many may not understand the nuances of a real estate website or any website for that matter but you also have to understand that there are literally billi...

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