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El Paso real estate listings, buyer and seller services and local real estate market information. Browse homes for sale in El Paso today.
I can set it up so that you'll automatically receive a daily email from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) of any new listings that meet your specific criteria. Be the first to see that hot, newly listed house! Or, I can simply do it the old fashioned way. Based on your criteria, I'll look daily ...
Firstly, I want to thank the many of you who have emailed me and thanked me for my blog entries. I try to only write things that I feel will help you become either a better real estate agent. The Internet can be a huge money pit if you don't know how to use it properly. Now to my main point. I h...
A mortgage lender or broker can work with you to determine the best financing program for you. For our purposes, I'm defining a lender as someone who actually has the money and would service the loan, and a broker is a resource who works with a number of lenders and can determine the best lender ...
Traditionally, real estate agents represent sellers. But now consumers have a choice: Buyer's Agents who represent buyers. That's a big difference! A Buyer's Agent is bound by law and ethics to work solely on behalf of the buyer and provides levels of support and service not given by traditional ...
The trend in online users over the past 5 years has demonstrated an amazing demand for online networks that are focused on sharing thoughts and ideas, forming relationships and meeting like-minded individuals as evidenced by the enormous popularity of sites like YouTube, Flickr and MySpace. Accor...
Today, after leaving the office I asked myself, "What have I done to grow my business today?" This started me thinking.... How can I determine if what I did today actually pushed me forward to my goal and was worth repeating? I know that a lot of the time people have a hard time not just doing wh...
How can we sell upside down homes and have buyers and sellers happy? The market has so many homes that were bought at 100% financing and now the payments and taxes are sky rocketing. They turn to us to sell their home so they can hopefully not foreclose. I find that sellers want us to lower our c...
From what I've learned about "systems" if you push the system to get what you want, the system pushes back, until you find the right leverage to get results. In this case, if an agent pushes his lead management system to get immediate results, the system pushes back. Leads are set up to receive i...
I had a great call with a Realtor the other day about maximizing her leads. She really wasn't sure what I was talking about and it made me realize how much I've enjoyed helping out so many of you with your Internet programs. After talking with this woman, along with many of the others I have talk...
Working with buyers is difficult. It's no wonder most real estate agents would rather list homes and avoid spending a lot of time dealing with buyers. Home buyers are demanding, fickle, sometimes emotional, sometimes unrealistic, but always there waiting for an agent to help them. Even though man...

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