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Many mortgage brokers are self-employed, and work out of their homes. As refinancings and sales slow down, many mortgage brokers that you know may be looking for more work. They rely on Realtors to bring them business, just as you rely on referrals. The right mortgage brokers - ones that you trus...
It's been a fun couple of years watching the real estate world trying to catch on to the realities of the "New" Real Estate and the importance of the Internet. How many of you have Real Estate Websites? Go ahead, raise your hands! Ok, now how many of you actually get business from your Websites? ...
As a real estate agent, and in my every day life, I believe it is human nature to feel comfortable with someone you are similar to. You can build a greater connection by finding things in common and this can help to build confidence and trust. Traits you need in order to be a successful sales per...
Cheer up sellers, homes in El Paso are still selling. What is the biggest factor in getting a home sold? Price. Yes price. I know that the neighbor does not have the fountain in back or the new 18 inch ceramic tile, but the buyer wants all your great stuff for the same price as the home down the ...
You've found a house you like, but want to offer a little less than the asking price. What is the best way to do it? How an offer is made has a lot to do with the outcome: * Sellers are more comfortable with an offer if they know the buyer is qualified and eager to close.* A buyer's agent can hel...
One of the most misunderstood aspects of buying or selling real estate is the commission and how it works and to whom it goes. Although there is currently no standard for where the commission goes, traditionally, the way it was set up was that, of the total commission offered, the listing broker ...
Ok, you thought buying your first home as a Single Homeowner was stressful, now you want to sell it. So where do you begin with all those thoughts running through your mind. When it's time to finally sell your largest investment, many sellers are filled with questions and doubt. For Singles this ...
Here we are, end of July and the media just can't shake off the tendency to make some sort of hysterical news out of the real estate market.  First they insisted that there would soon be a crash and prices would plummet.  Then they admitted that prices were stabilizing but that the future was "sh...
Very often when people are approaching me about selling their property they ask, "Ok, what is my property ‘worth'?" ‘Worth' is a very misleading concept and very often confused. ‘Worth' is often confused with appraisal values and personal factors. ‘Listing Price' is the real question. ‘Listing Pr...
It really is a great time to buy real estate. The news reports of the "bubble bursting" never happened. Sure, the market did slow down and prices are down also, but far from a burst. We just finished off the best five years in the history of tracking real estate in America. This year was worse th...

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