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I know people who are planning to list their homes for sale and have asked me how to prepare their homes, so I prepared 36 tips, which I listed in 3 postings.  The last 12 tips, which I call "Showtime" because they focus on showing, are:  25. Buy some new furnishings.  If you are planning to purc...
I know many people who are planning to list their homes for sale have asked me how to prepare their homes, so I prepared 36 tips, which I will list in 3 postings. The second 12 tips, which I call "Buckets of Fun" (because they focus on painting & gardening) are:  13. Paint the interior walls a n...
I know many people who are planning to list their homes for sale and have asked me how to prepare their homes, so I prepared 36 tips, which I will list in 3 postings.  The first tips, which I call "The Dirty Dozen" (because they focus on cleaning), will get you started:  1.  Visit model homes in ...
A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to give the interior of your home a whole new look. Even if your renting, presuming you have an understanding landlord, a splash of colour is great quick fix decorating option. But how do you choose the right colour? Do you want your l...
While I'm working on my current project of my sons' rooms transformations I have a renewed appreciation for my house. I have also learned a few things about myself. While I enjoy the look of contemporary, my personal style is eclectic and cozy. I've been clearing out junk because clutter is annoy...
I've asked several Realtors in my area what they feel they've done to bring them success in Real Estate. After speaking to them I have compiled a list of the secrets that have helped them be part of the top most productive Real Estate agents in their area. If you want to become one of the top age...
Welcome to my  Blog! This blog will provide you with valuable information, tips, and general insight into the real estate market in El Paso. As a REALTOR I have found it challenging yet interesting learning this business of real estate.  I thoroughly enjoy working with people and overcoming chall...
Make your home stand out amongst the others on the market. Rather than advertise your house for what it is, advertise it for what it could be. Buyers want to see your house empty of any personal touches that are difficult to remove. The Willy Wonka fruit wallpaper in the kitchen and any cute litt...
Selling a home in today's buyer's market is a challenge. The average homebuyer is inundated with HG TV Make Over Shows with professional designers and stagers, perfect color plates and a good-looking funny carpenter who can fix/make anything out of nothing for under $2000 in 2 days. WOW!  I want ...
When it comes to buying a home the choices are unbelievable! Before you begin, help yourself and help your agent by making a list of your absolute needs.  Be careful not to confuse your needs with strong desires!  Just doing this will weed out hundreds of homes that just do not fit. This will sav...

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