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General information about Home Inspections, the Home Inspection business and maybe some humor.
This is a tool that many different trades in construction use.  It is common for carpenters, plumbers, surveyors and engineers to use this on a regular basis. (see right) As a matter of fact, one of the largest I have ever seen measured the rotation of the earth by drawing little circles. They di...
For those of you who just can't wait for the next tool to guess at (both of you) you won't have to wait any longer.   I have a long and a short version of this one.  Although, I hate it with a passion it has paid for itself over and over again.   This one is 2 ' long and the end is pretty sharp. ...
  I think Jay did a great job summing up spring "must do" projects.  So here is his list again.   Well, spring has sprung in most of the country.  I realize some of you have had summer for a while, and others are still getting snow.  But it is time for the Spring/Summer Home Maintenance List. We ...
I have some questions of anyone, no one and everyone that I can’t answer.  I’ve researched these things and, it seems, that no one else has the answers either. Why does the phone always ring when you’re ready to or have already entered the shower?  It never fails, the kids aren’t home, the spous...
  I use this all the time in rehabbing houses.  It makes the job a lot easier and is much less expensive than it's big brother.  The only problem I have with it is the noise, so wear your ear muffs and you safety glasses. Oh, one more thing, this tool must be kept clean.  Jack Gilleland  Highest ...
This time I thought I'd go back to the more common tools, but not too common.  And I know everyone is going to tell me this is a hammer. That's not exactly what I want.  I want to know what kind of hammer this is.  Don't tell me it has a wooden handle either everyone can see that.  It is commonly...
I know you think that is too personal a problem to share on line, but your probably thinking about the wrong kind of gas. Testing for a gas leak is sometimes a tricky business.  (Are you thinking about a different kind of gas now?) Some gases found in the home can be hard to find and give you dif...
 This was my Friday inspection.  When I pulled into the drive I was surprised by the general good looks of the house.  Since I knew that this was a foreclosure I wondered why it was still in such good shape. Maybe since it was out in the country 3 miles from the nearest small town kept it from th...
This one is more present day, I didn't want to think that I was only going to post antiques.  You should have one of these in the house if you do your own repairs.  The item these are used for will need attention in 10 years or so. Have fun. Jack Gilleland Home Inspection Services Clayton, Ohio
I'm sure we all know what this is.  (Sorry about the size of the picture) No not a Whosit. Okay, if you don't know I'll give you a hint. It is only 2" long by 5/16" wide. And for those smart a...... home inspectors that keep getting it right first post, you need to tell me what its used for. Reme...

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