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General information about Home Inspections, the Home Inspection business and maybe some humor.
This is one of the best ways I know to get to a lot of people quickly.  I have a Christmas request for all of you.  Take about ten minutes and send a Christmas Card to the below address: A RECOVERING SOLDIER C/O  WALTER REED MEDICAL CENTER 6900 GEORGIA AVENUE NW WASHINGTON DC 20307-5001 Merry Xma...
So many times I see problems that the homeowner or agent doesn't see and then have to convince them that it is a problem.  Many of these are not threatening the structure of the home or other major system, but like the one below over time could develope into a serious problem.  There is evidence ...
Something new to check isn't what an inspector wants to hear.  When I inspect a bath I look at dozens of things: Flush (numerous times) and run water in all fixtures. I try to tax the drain as much as possible to mirror home usage. Check flooring and walls, window, fan, lights, switches, outlets,...
Her is a list add to it to suit your on personal needs. 1.  Family. 2.  Friends. 3.  Family that are actually friends. 4.  The success in business to actually feed all these people. 5.  The turkey. 6.  A driveway long enough to hold all those _________ cars. 7.  The wine that helps me get through...
Thought I would never get there, although, it only took 72 days.  That's right 72 days from breaking ground to Final Inspection.  That's in the fall of the year, which means that mother nature has been pretty good to us this year.  I took this shot while I was actually doing another phase inspect...
I wanted to post the second house in the series of homes on this street and the street behind it.  This was somewhat different than the first and hadn't been broken into yet. Of course, it is just a matter of time.  It may be interesting to some just because it is right across the street. The fir...
Firstly, I'm not really complaining.  I took my business the direction I wanted and at this point it has worked out better financially than other alternatives. Today I arrived on the street where I had 2 inspections 3 houses apart and was surprised by the neat, well kept, and seemingly well maint...
There are so many ways water can get into a house it is almost impossible to list them all.  When I do a home inspection this is one of the issues I look for the most.  Water is one of the worst enemies a home can have. Below are some extreme cases.   Water here has come out of the downspout onto...
Here I go again, sorting through pictures from old inspections (within 6 months) I came across one that I thought might be good for "Think they might have a problem". Very few rules, just tell me one of the problems you see in this laundry/furnace/utility room.  There should be plenty for all to ...
This is a pre-drywall inspection or (as I call it) Phase II. A little out of the norm, but I inspect new homes 4 times during construction. Each time I take the new home owner on a guided tour of what is going on and how each item becomes a part of the whole.  The roofers weren't quite ready for ...

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