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General information about Home Inspections, the Home Inspection business and maybe some humor.
    The owner of this property called me and ask that I do a simple check on the condition of the house and yard.  I get this fairly frequently from out of town investors.  Having bought the property last fall they did little more that winterize the drains and blow out the water lines to prevent ...
          Times change and with time all things change.  With the market the way it is I change the type and names of inspections that I do.  Five years ago I could limit my inspections to just real estate transactions and I would have been satisfied with the number of inspections I was doing.  ...
I think Charles hit the nail on the head with this one.  We aren't infallible, no matter how much we try to be.          Why are home inspectors being held to a standard that no other profession or even individual is?      I am talking about the notion that if a home inspector makes 1 mistake in ...
I've owned many a dog in my time, but I've never had any that compared.  They are loving, loyal, good with families and especially kids.  Sound like I'm bragging, well, I guess I am.  Like most dog owners I think I have the best there are and that's the way it is supposed to be.    From the day ...
I have to preface this information with a little information. The following facts/statistics are from 2008 and are from the U.S. Fire Administration and the National Fire Protection Association.  A residential fire include but are not limited to all of the following structures: one- and two-fami...
Just last week I was in a home with a wood burning fireplace (according to the listing). I took one look at it and decided that it would make a good photo for a blog.  There was a fireplace and at one time they had burned something in it. All things considered I don't think I'd want to put a fire...
I do.  I see this much too often in one form or another.   It doesn't take long for this to happen.  All you need is a situation like the one above and Spring Rain. If the house isn't too old then you might need a few seasons without repair, but eventually you'll see it too.  Unfortunately, the d...
Recently, I did a commercial inspection on a Veterinary Clinic (and I liked the vet so well I switching) that was changing management.  Many people don't realize that the services of a home/building inspector actually cover many aspects of real estate.  This wasn't the sale of a building, it was ...
One of the most amazing things about Home Inspections is not "inspecting the home", but seeing all of the different homes and lives that went on in those houses. I am often surprized by the way homes are decorated and/or cared for by the number of inhabitants the house has had over the years.  So...
Over the years (almost too many to count now, not enough fingers and toes) I have seen too many different problems to enumerate in any blog.  The ones that make me more angry than any other are the ones that take minimal effort to correct.  The minimal effort could save thousands of dollars for t...

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