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General information about Home Inspections, the Home Inspection business and maybe some humor.
"What leak" the realtor said.  "The one from the bathroom tub faucet", I responded.  "It isn't a really a big deal". I continued.  "Looks like just a little TLC from a qualified plumber will take care of it", starting to get irritated.  The rest of the conversation was about the same. This was a ...
I just want to scream when I walk into anotherwise normal home and find that more than half of the mechanicals, siding or anything else just gone.  When the thieves take the copper, duct, cabinets, water heater, furnace, or appliances they are not only stealing from the seller of the house, but f...
Well, the first one of these "Inspect this" blog didn't quite turn out the way I had imagined.  Let's see if I can start another one and have it blow up too. This is a view under the kitchen sink during one of my recent (recent = within 2 months) inspections.  At first glance I didn't notice anyt...
Home Inspectors seem to be, for the most part, a talkative group. They love to share their knowledge and help the public.  They can also be a little competative when commenting on items. I myself have told a client or two that Uncle Joe or Bob is wrong and he or she can respectfully nod and then ...
When I see obvious problems my mind automatically switches into an investigative mode. I look at things a little differently after seeing certain problems. Of course, there could be many reasons that a certain system in a house would fail, so I start looking to see if there is a larger problem. T...
I thought I'd put this in Wordless Wednesday, but I just couldn't help comment on it. First we all know the ____ runs down hill, Right?  Well it seems that the rehabber on this job missed class that day.  If you look closely you'll see this one has a catchbasin.  What will they think of next.  Ye...
I was talking to my Dad tonight and he said that I had forgotten a few tool names that should be in the title.  He suggested that I should be using the one my Grandmother used and frequently.  There were twelve kids in the family and all of the boys (7) turned out to be plumbers.  All of the tool...
I really do like plants. I plant a garden and flowers in the spring.  Of course, I stick with the basics.        Let's see there is the beans. I plant them so that they'll grow up the fence.                   Then the tomatos.  Have to put them in full sun.                 Then the melons.  I pla...
I was reading one of the blog posts from Bellingham, WA, Steve Smith was writing about leaving the door to your crawl space open (see here). When I thought about the animal I encountered the other day.  As crawlspaces go it wasn't too bad, if you don't mind cluttered and dirty. Of course, there a...
  I actually have two of these.  One of them I bought about 10 years ago and it has been a good tool, but it is suffering from wear.  The second one was given to me by someone who swore not to ever use one again.  He also swore that he would never do the kind of job again that makes this tool nec...

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