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Discuss what's new in the real estate and mortgage industry
Do you have less than 25% down to put on a home? Do you need a loan-term longer than fifteen years? Is your credit score less than exceptional? If you answered yes to these questions, you could soon be paying more to get a mortgage.   Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are raising risk fees that are char...
  It's that time of year again. Not college basketball season, but income tax filing season. If you own a home, make sure you take the time to proactively organize your documents to maximize your tax deductions. Proper planning and organization will help minimize your taxable income.There are ma...
Lately, very few things have been in the news more than the topic of home foreclosures. Depending on the source, it is estimated there have been over 4 million homes entering foreclosure over the past four years and about 300,000 are entering the first stage monthly. Recently the attention has tu...
This is excellent information for sellers who need to short sale their house. An honest look at the short sale process and the thought process of the lender. Why Short Sale? – FREE information on Foreclosure Defense, Mortgage Modification, Tax Consequences, Deed-in-lieu-of-foreclosure, Short Sale...
Seek a Qualified Mortgage Consultant to Ensure the Best Results Understanding Credit Scoring & Credit Repair   Credit remediation is a subject consumers often face with fear and trepidation, and for good reason. With the exception of recognizing that the best score wins, the average home shopper ...
Can you really buy a HUD home for a total of $100? Absolutely not! But if you're a qualified buyer, you can use an FHA loan to buy one of HUD's specifically designated homes for sale -- with only a $100 down payment! For a limited time, $100 down payments are available to owner-occupied home buye...
There's great news for homeowners! Congress recently extended legislation making private mortgage insurance (PMI) premiums tax deductible through 2011! So why is this significant? PMI can help people buy a home sooner, by enabling them to put less than 20% of the purchase price down when buying a...
Credit Remediation If you have clients in need of credit remediation, and especially if you live in an area where this is an overall problem within the population, you should seek to align yourself with a credible referral source for credit repair. While government web sites will suggest that sel...
Part III: Dealing with Challenges Typically, a person with a low credit score is in this position because they lack structure in his or her life. There are, of course, cases where unplanned health or employment complications are to blame, but for the most part, these are individuals who lack the ...
Part II: The Five Factors of Credit Scoring There are five factors that comprise the credit score. They are listed below in order of importance, just as an underwriter would look at the score: Payment History: 35% impact. Paying debt on time and in full has a positive impact. Late payments, judgm...

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Discuss what's new in the real estate and mortgage industry