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In the interest of fairness and balance I want to present the other side of the coin that I wrote about the other day...'What do I do when I'm not previewing...?' Good question, go on appointments! There was a question I had taped to my mirror and in my car that drove my business, and it still do...
No, I'm not talking about me... But we now have a new reason to get back into the old practice of previewing properties during our work day. Not such a new concept for some of us; I am a big fan of this practice. Recently in Central PA our multi-list launched the public access side of our multi-l...
Ok, time to get back in the game...I've been doing lots of other stuff and now it's time to get back out in the'Rain' So let's take a deep cleansing breath and jump right in. The news has been crazy all year, "the market's up", "the market's down", "prices are up", "prices are falling". To me non...
If you follow my writing at all you know how to complete this line... Mondays are for ______________, and Thursdays are for _______________. If Mondays are for Sellers and Thursdays are for Buyers, what do I do on Wednesdays? Well if you're like me your sales meeting was on Tuesday, so Wednesdays...
Ok I wrapped up my first day back with some positive actions, called and talked to 7 friends about how I feel about the new year and what some of the "experts" predict. I also asked each of them to let me know if they run into someone that is thinking about buying or selling. What next? For a lot...
As the saying goes, If you are going to eat an elephant you have to do do it one bite at a time, Business planning and New Years Resolutions are big sweeping ambitions that we all dream about. But they are too big to really do anything about. I've written about it many times and so have lots of o...
Is it difficult out there for Sellers? Yes. For Buyers? Yes. For real estate professionals? Yes. And, is it going to be difficult for a while yet? Yes. Ok then, let's get to work and solve the problems that are within arms length! Some of you were around in the '80s whith interest rates in the hi...
I really love the fall weather here in Pennsylvania. But I also love the fall real estate market. Buyers seem a littlemore serious...seem could be the important adjective here, and homes that are lived in seem more festive with more holiday decorations. In my humble opinion a home never looks bet...
One of my favorite movies is Catch Me If You Can. In the movie the father tells his son the story of the two mice. Two mice fell into a bucket of cream. One of the mice gave up and drowned, while the other mouse struggled and struggled to stay alive. The second mouse worked so hard churning up th...
It's time to get serious about our role as facilitator and trusted adviser and negotiator for our clients interest, but sometimes we play these roles at the wrong time and on the wrong people. I've heard it said more than I can recount "Oh, my client would never go for that..." or "My client won'...

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Real Estate training and coaching tips for new and experienced agents.