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More on the lease to purchase. How to set the purchase price? This can be complicated as the purchase may not take place for several years. The way I have personally done this, on a case by case basis, has been based on market inflation rates. I have in the past based my sale price on a 3% increa...
Let’s talk about reverse mortgage. I read on various forums all the time people making complaints regarding real estate schools and how they just prepare for the test. I explained to someone last week that if you pay attention in these classes, there are hidden treasures uncovered by very few, wa...
I do a budget FIRSTI have found that most clients look for a flip with the price of the flip in mind. I personally do not care about the price, I worry about my budget. My budget takes into account three things, the price of construction, hold time and interest on my money. I use an excel spreads...
TIME, Budget, PriceOften people misunderstand what the most important part of a flip is, I will tell you it is time. Nothing matters except turning the flip quickly. Actually every banker will tell you, get out of the deal and get your money working for you again.  Hold time will kill your deal f...
Speed, nothing more is what makes a flip a success. To quote the great Mickey from Rocky, speed is what we need, we need speed. The first day you purchased that flip was when you made all the money you will make, every day since you are losing more money. A dollar is not just a dollar. A dollar i...
Kelly Bundy knew the "secret" before it was popular.At the age of, let's say 15 (as I am not sure) I was watching Married With Children and Kelly give advice to Bud on dating. Kelly's advice to Bud was believe your good looking and others will believe you are good looking as well.This advice work...
My very first flip was a money making disaster. Yes it did make money eventually however it took my time and the help of a friend to make the money. It all started with my purchase a home located in South West Phoenix. The area is heavily Hispanic and while still higher in crime (as it tends to b...
My wife and I have a Health Savings Plan. Overall it works well for us, our deductible is $3,500 each or $6,000 max for our family. We pay it first with our plan. Normally my wife places the $6,000 (pre tax) into the account each year and her employer contributes about $3,000, it can roll over to...
Tim Allen was recently on a radio program I listen to. His story is an interesting one, I was fascinated to listen to him tell how he went from literally facing life in prison to staring in the number one TV show.  He faced life in prison with new mandatory sentencing laws. Luckily for Tim, he wa...
All I see on my facebook feed is "the world has gone to hell" 100 times per day. That has made me continue a few happy posts, like this one which is the truth about where we are as a Nation. While it is hard to believe from watching the 24 hour cycle of news and reading everything on the Internet...

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