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Flips are hard workIt seems every TV show on earth today shows flipping as some easy way to make a quick buck. The show happy couples tearing down walls, installing tile, painting and ending each show with a gorgeous new home. Believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you see..I actually ...
I recently posted to a Facebook real estate page asking for help on a very unique listing I have.While the comps were all over the market, I had done a lot of research on the property and while I felt the price was a bit high, I also felt it was reasonable.The first advice (and I received it mult...
I had someone tell me that a new pool motor was going to save them $150 per month in electricity.I hate breaking peoples high hopes about saving money with electricity but the fact is, you can't beat physics. While I am a proponent of high efficiency, I believe strongly in the use of VFD (variabl...
So recently a friend of mine was going to lease a solar system.As I am an electrical contractor as well as a Realtor, he called me for my input. We talked for a while about why a lease over a purchase and it came down to monthly payments, a lease was far less expensive. I told him that a good sol...
They do not teach you about marketing in real estate school. No one ever mentioned how important marketing was in real estate school. Homes that are well marketed tend to sell for more money and in less time, but no one mentioned that. I learned about joint tenancy but not about how to properly l...
I begged for my first service electrician job. I actually wanted the job so badly, I left a letter on the door of the office Sunday night, lucky for me I was called Monday morning for an interview. I recall the only question I was asked by my boss was "How do you feel about crawling through attic...
When I was in High School, my sister helped me get a job for the City of Scottsdale.It was at McCormick Rail Road Park and it was a great job. Most of all it introduced me to all types of wonderful people and helped me with what would be my career, although I had no idea at the time.A guy named G...
I was a young, 22 year old man thinking about buying my first home.I was on my way in a career while attending college. It was my "back up" career, being an electrician. I had started working as an electrician at age 16 for Ole's Home Centers. I started out making $5 per hour, not bad as minimum ...
As the story goes I had a crazy client.Let me paint a picture, shortly after I listed three properties he owned, I received a call from a buyers agent that he was walking around the house naked as she and her clients were looking at it. That was a fun conversation and a strange one when I had to ...
I owned an investment company once in my life that flipped up to 20 homes per month.Obviously, we purchased many homes in every way possible to purchase them. The MLS, wholesalers, court house steps, directly from banks. We were the guys, if you had a house you could not sell that was just really...

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