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Recent studies have indicated that smells can make us reach for our wallet. It has long been an open house trick to bake cookies in a home, I like to take it a bit further. I have found several scented waxes that smell like vanilla and cinnamon which both scents have been confirmed by science to ...
Recently a high school friend posted a video to Facebook of a listing he had acquired. He clearly had either his wife or someone shoot the video with a phone. While I do not know the details of his listing, I know he was being paid to market the home as a professional, as we all are.As many of yo...
I market my listings and invest real money to ensure they sell quickly. I see this as a duty to my clients, on average I invest around $1,500 in marketing. Most recently I invested about $2,300 in a property which had been listed with another agent for 400+ days, without selling. I sold that prop...
Anyone who knows me knows that I listen to business books while in my car. In an effort to make myself more productive, I began doing this several years ago. I am in my car so much and was wasting so much of my time.Of all the books I have listen to or read, one piece of advice in a book written ...
This will be the last of three blogs. In this blog we are going to discuss the other retirement option, the reverse mortgage. As I mentioned before, my Mom and Dad owned the house above. They sold the home after the last of us (5 kids) moved out of the home in 1992.While we kids did (and my Broth...
The year is 2023 and the house featured in this blog is now paid off and worth $508,901.00. Assuming the owner is 65 and facing retirement, they have some choices to make.First, they can downsize. Most couples at retirement age are only the couples as the kids then to have moved on and begun or a...
The United States Government wants you to buy a home. The reason is simple, home owners end up being wealthier, making retirement easier. While this may be hard for some to believe, it is 100% accurate, even after the "great recession" renting is throwing money away.The idea is to buy and hold, n...
I am a big believer in tipping. I love the idea, tip for a job well done. I tip most people I believe are working low paying jobs. I generally tip doormen, taxi drivers, bartenders, waiters, casino dealers, bellmen, maids, my landscaper, cleaning lady, everyone that helps make my life easier. I e...
The years was 1967 and Walt Disney was working on what would be his final ride at Disneyland before his death. As the work continued throughout the ride, it soon became clear that plastics would not work for skeletal remains on the Pirates of Caribbean ride.After several attempts witch different ...
During the great depression, a young man milked cows and delivered magazines to help his family make ends meet. Each day he would get up early, milk the cows and then drive across town, delivering the milk and then picking up a load of magazines to be delivered.Later in his life, he would attend ...

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