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In a LOT of ways... Its already here. As an Internet marketing consultant who prides himself in debunking current thoughts on what actually works and doesnt? I invest a fair amount of time with my clients across the Country.. I travel a lot. I mean, a lot. Because I visit different regions of the...
Twitter is a Grand Experiment and one of the things that Twitter just rocks at, is Crowdsourcing.  Crowdsourcing is the process of sending a question out to the "statusphere" and getting back multiple (often valuable) answers...  The Quality of the answers depends solely upon the quality of your ...
Tom and I work with Real Estate Professionals, not Social Media Marketers. There is a huge difference. For Social Media Marketers, Social Media is their job. For Realtors, they have a job and social media is just a way to engage, communicate, become relevant in the market, build relationships, br...
For years, SEOs have engaged in a practice called Link Sculpting. Link sculpting is merely the idea that each page of your site has Page Rank and that page rank can be passed to other pages on your site or elsewhere on the Internet. Lets imagine PR points as currency. (Because it really is) If my...
My guess is that when Teresa Boardman posted this message to Twitter: “O.K. if an agent could only use one, which should they use? Zillow or Trulia?” She had very little idea (or did she?) what an inspired discussion would commence. As it is with Twitter, both David Gibbons, Community Director of...
So you’re watching the last 10 minutes of the final episode of your favorite reality show, and a commercial interrupts your mind-numbed glee. Are you really in the mood for this message? Are you ready to receive it? Do you even remotely care? This is the issue with “push marketing.” Push Marketin...
It took me years and hundreds of hours before I finally figured out EXACTLY what it takes to be a Social Media Rockstar. Now, I am NOT speaking of the "I followed 5000 people that I know have auto-follow to get a bigger follow base" type of Rockstar.. That would be too easy. I want to be the "I h...
Whether you are building a standalone website or an Active Rain outside blog, here are 11 things you MUST consider when creating an effective Real Estate Website...   1) Properties for sale, Properties for sale, Properties for sale   A quick trip to adwords will prove to you that searchers are NO...
1) Writing Brilliant Posts and Average Headlines-Headlines are the Marketing Piece that creates the desire to click “more.” Advertisers spend millions of dollars each year to find the one sentence, the 15 second elevator pitch that will (not sell their product, but) get consumers to take just one...

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