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Real Estate Agent - Century 21 Mack Morris Iris Lurie
Questions or concerns about real estate are welcomed. Why go to sites that you are not sure who is answering your questions, especially with Real Estate, as it is probably one of the most important ivestment you will ever make. Let discuss Pennsylvania issues.
I believe that your real estate experience should be one where you receive communication as well as information in a timely manner. Your agent should not create any additional stress, as most people do feel some stress during their experience whether they are buying or selling. I will work for y...
With all being said about the real estate market and hearing all the thoughts of reporters and market analysis, it just got me to wondering exactly how do others feel. As a real estate agent I know it is a tough time and a lot of what is being said is true. But there is so much that is not being ...
Some people are still sitting on the fence as far as with their dreams of owning a home. They are waiting for mortgages to come down, house prices to drop even further. But wait, wasn’t this the same reasons they decided to sit on that fence back in 2008? If you are one of these people stop and ...

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