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Jim Paulson's views of Boise Real Estate, real estate technology trends, and life here in the Treasure Valley. Jim Paulson has nearly 25 years of Boise Idaho real estate experience.
We should always be reviewing our business plans and see if we are on track for our goals and objectives.   In real estate, it is easy to do since you can look at closed business volume; but you should adjust it for the average sales per actual month, not just taking the year's production divided...
I am blessed to have lived in a number of different countries through various phases of my life, so I admit I see the world a bit differently than most.  I have been outside the proverbial forest so often, I think I can offer a unique vantage point of the trees (humans) within. I am not a sociolo...
Apparently, in Idaho it does.  The city of Boise has been going round and round with UBER trying to make them stand up to the same requirements as the Taxi services do.  Then, just like some Republican's doing an end run around President Obama sending a letter by sending a letter to Iran, Uber go...
I find it extremely frustrating that a person with good credit can buy this brand motor home with a MSRP of $280,230 and drive it off the lot the same day and who knows where it will be tomorrow.     Yet to buy this home which which is stationary and typically appreciates instead of depreciates, ...
Years ago, I was discussing Digital Signatures on an online blog when I received a response from Rick Triola, the President and CEO of a company called Settleware.  We had some great talks about the future of Digital Signatures and how slow the world was to accept them even though it was on June ...
February was yet another great month for the Boise Idaho real estate market. Here is a quick snapshot from the Ada County Association of Realtor's of how our market compares with this time last year.     It looks like another great year shaping up!  I know I am personally busier now than I typica...
I just received an introductory call from a lender that just moved to Boise Idaho from California.  He sent me a nice email follow up telling me more about himself, so I emailed him back telling him about my business philosophy and my target market for clients.  Here is Jim Paulson's target demog...
Samsung blurred the lines years ago when they released their Galaxy Note calling it a "phablet" - a hybrid between a phone and a tablet. I am about to blur the lines even further. I just upgraded from the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to the Note 4 and love testing how far I can push it.  Using it with t...
March 14, 2015 is probably the most incredible Geek Day of the century, it is national Pi Day.   Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.  When trying to calculate out the math, it's numbers do not appear to ever end or repeat.  Mathematician have tried and so far they ha...
I believe in full disclosure and absolutely detest being asked by a lender to remove something from a sale that is actually being included trying to fit their requirements into my transaction! For example, again today, I had a lender call me up telling me to remove shelving from a real estate pur...

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