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First, a bit of history:  after following a high school flame to Minnesota, I ended up living in the Twin Cities for many years before going east to find a wife and a guru before returning to the frigid north.  I had the chance to move to Mankato to open the first Barnes & Noble store there as Ma...
Are you getting ready to sell your house? Or do you already have it on the market? I bet one of the things you expect of your real estate agent is an open house, or maybe even a series of open houses. This is a common expectation, but it may not be the best thing for you or your sales prospects. ...
It's been a while since we talked about I contracts for deed, and now the time has come to talk about the down payment you might need if you buy on a contract. The things you need to keep in mind when buying a home on a contract for deed are the seller's costs and other interests.  If the seller ...
It turns out that where we are, in southern Minnesota, robins do over-winter.  We are in a chunk of their range where robins stay put.  Or maybe the robins we see in winter here came from somewhere up in Canada or Alaska, the northern parts of their summer range, while the robins we see in the su...
If you have been checking on my blog for the last couple of weeks on my site, you will undoubtedly notice the fact that the look of my blog changed dramatically yesterday.  That's because it's an RSS feed from activerain, a site for real estate professionals.  Before ye...
You heard it here first, or maybe you heard about it from Karen the AZ Home Loan Lady like I did.  In any case, this is worth passing along:  there is a site out there with software that will allow you to create your own font that, theoretically, will look like your own handwriting!  As a Realtor...
Time to cover another important number, but first a regression to yesterday's topic. As I said in part two of this series on contracts for deed, as the Seller of some fine Mankato real estate, I wouldn't go for anything but a standard 30 year amortization schedule with a two or three year balloon...
Before we get to the actual balloon payment, I want to talk about amortization schedules.  In my contract with you, I'm going to insist on a regular amortization the way a bank would.  None of that "Every $800 payment will be $200 towards the house and $600 interest"* stuff for me.  That works ou...
In Minnesota, contracts for deed are called contracts for deed, obviously, but elsewhere they might be called land contracts or installment sale contracts.  So, your credit isn't the greatest, and you've heard a contract for deed might be a good idea, but you don't really know what they're about....
(I originally posted this entry on March 16, 2009) The other day I decided that winter was over.  (Just after we had the last cold front move out, that is.)  Now we're seeing sixty degree days and a nice south wind to dry things out.  It won't be long before the farmers...

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