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Home buying and selling information and advice as well as local updates in the Attleboro-North Attleboro area.
    Tools Every Homeowner Should Have   Congratulations! You just purchased your first home; no longer will you have to pay rent to your landlord. However, you no longer have your landlord to call when things go wrong, if something needs fixing it’s now up to you to get it fixed.       Every home...
  Hidden Costs of Moving   When you are planning a move, you are probably busy thinking about the new place, how the kids will adjust to their new environment, how much it will cost to hire the movers, the packing and unpacking. What you may not be considering is the hidden costs of moving.   He...
  Is Your Kitchen Making You Fat?     I am not talking about what kinds of food you cook and consume in your kitchen but the fact that your kitchen itself can be making you add on the extra pounds.   While not guaranteeing to make you slim and trim, here are some tips on how to keep your kitchen...
    My Listing Has Expired. Now What?    One of the worst things that can happen to a would-be home seller is when the home never sells and expires from the multiple listing service. Waiting week after week or month after month for an offer is frustrating. Selling a home can be a stressful and e...
Moving Out of State   If you happen to find yourself moving to another state in the near future, you've got your work cut out for you.  On top of having to deal with the stress of relocating your family in an unfamiliar place, you'll have a lot of paperwork and research to consider before the bi...
    How to Get Ready to Buy Your First Home    Are you ready to buy your first home?    Home ownership is quite different than renting. Owning a home is a lot more expensive than renting. You, not your landlord, will have the added expenses and responsibility of owning property. There will be exp...
        Things You Might Not Think Of When Buying a Home   Buying a home is a big undertaking; there are so many things to consider and think about. When you are house shopping it can be difficult to think of everything,   it can be easy to get caught up in things that may not be as important af...
      Common Seller Mistakes to Avoid    Selling your home is a big undertaking; you want to get your house sold fast and for the most money. However, many home sellers make some of the following mistakes that will slow down their sale and result in selling at a lower price. Make sure that you av...
  What Buyers Hate About Your Home     Like most home sellers you think you live in a palace. Your home may be your kingdom but when it comes to selling,  potential home buyers may not be in agreement. In today's market, buyers are pickier than ever and may be literally turning their nose up at y...
  Making the Decision to Move to Senior Living     There comes a time when everyone gets older and decisions need to be made about long-term living options. Having just gotten my father into an assisted-living facility within the past year, I can from speak from experience that making the decisio...


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