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Home buying and selling information and advice as well as local updates in the Attleboro-North Attleboro area.
  Attleboro Market Update: July 2014   This market summary reflects the current real estate market conditions with regards to single family homes and condominiums in Attleboro, Massachusetts as of August 1, 2014:   The current inventory of single family homes in Attleboro is 136 homes currently o...
How to Use Gift Money fro a Down Payment Many first time home buyers struggle with saving up enough money for a down payment on their first home.  One way that many buyers come up with down payment money is from gifts from family or friends.  If you are planning on using gift money to help buy a...
  How to Set an Asking Price for Your Home Here are some tips on how to set the right asking price in a strategy to sell.       1.  Let go of your personal feelings for your home. Potential buyers don’t care how much you paid for the home, how much time you spent planting a garden or how much mon...
  Carbon Monoxide, the Invisible Killer   Carbon monoxide (CO) is known as the Invisible Killer because it is an undetectable poisonous gas; it has no taste, color, or odor. It poisons the body by removing oxygen in the blood stream causing suffocation. When you breathe CO in, it produces flu-lik...
  Is it time to move on?   For many older people living in the Attleboro area, the idea of selling the home that they have lived in for years and even   raised a family in can be met with some trepidation. While many seniors are still physically capable and comfortable maintaining a larger home, ...
  While holding an “Open House” is becoming less popular today than it was years ago, with virtual tours, extensive photo galleries, etc., on the Internet becoming the norm. A successful Open House can still be a valuable tool in selling your home.   It is important to make sure everything is in ...
  Helping Your Child Buy a Home   As many young people are finished with college and have found jobs, they want to take that next fundamental step in life, buying a home. Owning a house creates a sense of achievement.   Unfortunately, many young adults cannot afford to take that next step because...
  Should you buy a house or continue to rent? The pros and cons of homeownership.    With interest rates near all-time lows, in the Greater Attleboro area mortgage rates are in the 3.97% APR - 4.29% APR range, many young people are considering buying a home instead of renting. But is homeownershi...
More and more people today are recycling. In fact, about three-quarters of people in the U.S. recycle but most don't know how to properly recycle.       Here are some great tips on how to be a smart recycler: 1. Remove the twist-off cap and ring from plastic bottles. The twist of off cap and ring...
How to Move Your Car Across the Country   Are you making a big move? If so there are lots of tips on how to pack and move the contents of your home but what about your car? How can you get your car from point A to point B without actually having to drive your vehicle a long distance?   If you ar...


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