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Learn about google juice and get some for free! Everett Washington Homes       So I thought I would do a community service and give you all some google juice. What the heck is Google Juice you say? Everyone is getting google juice from their blogs right? Well if you're not, you should be! Check i...
Happy Monday! In this short video, I want to challenge you to ask yourself what type of professional/person are you? One who brings life to the room or someone who is an energy sucking vampire? In order to be successful at whatever you do, you have to always be working on your likeability factor ...
I believe these are all good signs and will be setting a good foundation for an upswing in real estate. Once unemployment starts going down we will be well on out way. The United States economy grew at its fastest pace in years at the end of 2009, even as businesses resisted hiring and continued ...
Some people are born listeners. Most of us aren't. However, that's not fatal because this is a skill that can be learned. There are the 5 Steps to Good Listening and today we'll start with #1. 1. Pay Attention: I can almost hear you saying "Duh!" Of course you have to pay attention if you want to...
INSPIRATION FOR TODAY: "A man's reputation is the opinion people have of him; his character is what he really is." - Jack Miner, conservationist (1865-1944) HOW'S YOUR CREDIT? Ever hear someone say, "I have good credit"? They are probably referring to their credit "rating" - a score bestowed upon...
Thursday, January 28, 2010 By Kim Shindle Dr. Austin J. Jaffe, PAR's consulting economist (Photo credit: Stuart Leask) The housing market remains troubled and it may be years before the market levels out, according to Dr. Austin Jaffe, PAR's consulting economist. Jaffe, who spoke at PAR's Busines...
To short sell or not to short sell? That is the current question. The real estate industry has been immersed in short sales in the last few years, and if trends and recent predictions are correct, we might be seeing even more of them in 2010. In light of the predicitons, it is important to carefu...
If you've racked up a lot of debt on your credit cards, you're not alone. In fact, of the 90 million households in the United States that own at least one credit card, the average debt totals a whopping $10,691, according to Many of these households are only paying the minimum payme...
Microsoft founder Bill Gates posed a question on LinkedIn and garnered 3,500 responses. Dunkin' Donuts has attracted more than 800,000 fans to its Facebook page (sign-up required). And Dell offers deals and customer support through its primary Twitter page, which has collected more than 1 million...

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