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My blog is simply a place for people find out my thoughts and feelings on a variety of topics. Anything from Columbia, SC real estate and bussiness to life in general. Please feel free to search any and all of my blogs and leave as many good or bad comments as you like.
While digging through some old pictures from last year I came across this one and thought it would make a good throwback Thursday subject. This is Bug on her very first day of preschool last year and now she will be headed to Kindergarten in less than a week when Lake Carolina Elementary starts b...
  These days with the market being as hot as it is and with more and more people looking to cash in on it, the agent population has swelled quite a bit. Agents pushed out by the recession have returned for round two and brand new agents are graduating their post licensing class everyday ready to ...
 This is Ruby Falls inside Lookout Mountain located in Chattanooga Tennessee. My family and I visited this beautiful area on a weekend trip earlier this year. I had reservations about taking the little people to see Ruby Falls as it is located in a cavern and I was not sure how a 5 and 8 year old...
  Let's face it, if you are looking for something to do on a Saturday in Columbia, SC you could pick a lot worse things than an opportunity to learn something new and gain a little knowledge. And given the fact that the new school year is right around the corner, reading a good book may very well...
 This picture was taken on one of our many trips to the Soda City Market on Main Street Columbia. The Steel Drums are a permanent display found on the 1400 block of Main Street and were installed as part of a public art display. They are a great place to rest or as my little people like to prove,...
 A couple of months ago myself and the little people were wandering around the backside of a friends property, he owns about 50 acres, and we came across a few old cars that were obviously parked there a long time ago. It would have been nice to see them in their former glory, but even with their...
  A few months back I wrote a post warning sellers that they should be careful not to shoot themselves in the foot online. Well, equally important is that those of us in the industry watch our step online as well. After all, our reputation is pretty important when it comes to our clients, potenti...
 Located at 250 Zion Street in Winnsboro, SC, Mt. Zion was originally built as a college and dedicated in 1777. Though the building was never fully used for it's intended purpose, it has served as a school on several occasions, the last being as an intermediate school where I myself attended in 4...
  I will first and foremost apologize for the pictures or lack there of for this post, but for obvious reasons they really do not like for you to shoot a lot of photos inside this place. In any event, no pictures that I can show you would do The Columbia Museum of Art justice and you really need ...
Yes, you indeed read the title correctly and you are starring at the South end of a North bound puppy. That my friends is Cleo, or at least part of her, when she was a puppy and this is how she used to take naps. She would crawl beneath one of the two matching couches we have in the living room. ...

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