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What are you holding onto to that is blocking you from your highest and best?
Are you allowing yourself to get still enough to hear the whisper.......Often we have to quiet our mind and our surroundings to hear God. Get rid of all the low grade ambient noise in our lives and tune in. 
Did you wake up this morning affirming your highest and best self or calling? ossibly you don't know what it is or how to go about finding it.
There is not a retake on life. We all have things we would do differently if there was. Living our best life now means stepping out in Faith to what we believe is in our future... not replaying the failures. It requires looking for the good in every situation and failing forward to a newer, bette...
Sometimes we put to much focus on who we are at work or who we are on social media and not enough time into who wher are in 
If soeone caught you in the "act" what would your witness be?
Is your schedule to busy for time with those people that matter most? Are you always telling your kids, your friends, your partner that you are busy.... what is busy and does what you are doing really matter in that moment more than the person asking for a few minutes of your time?
We often miss the best ideas because we are never still..... long enough... to hear God's whisper. 
What are you modeling when you go out in the World everyday? What are your kids seeing at home? What is your life partner encountering behind closed doors? We model to everyone we encouneter... everyone. Can I encourage to take a look at what you are model looks like?
Service and sacrifice are not about who notices the act, it is about the act or person served. God sees all and He's the one who really counts in the end.... correct? Not sure what you are gifted in or what your best acts of service are?  I would love to help! Book a session at www.divineintent.u...

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