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Are you tired? Stressed? Or just can't seem to find motivation lately? You aren't alone. In the year 2020, it seems to be the norm. But there's one critical element that can fix all of this. Your input.So, for just a moment, emotionally step away from your life and consider it as though you were ...
To many, affirmations seem like ridiculous voodoo for those trying to get ahead. Yet, surprisingly, there's a fair amount of research that tells us there's more to affirmations than some magical words you say to yourself.Consequently, affirmations affect our self-talk, and our self-talk is EVERYT...
All around the country, school is starting again. And this year, things look a bit different.Parents are scrambling to be flexible and preparing to help teach in more ways than before. As a mom, I can say that it's all been very stressful. The uncertainty and overwhelm take their toll.So, today, ...
If I'm being completely honest, online learning for the upcoming school year terrifies me.My family's online school experience in the spring didn't go well - due largely to a one-year-old running around and work responsibilities. I felt overwhelmed and suffocated by my to-list, and now I feel a l...
Self-care is a modern-day buzzword, and for good reason. Mental health issues amongst our population are more of an issue than ever. Stress, depression, and anxiety are now shockingly common. And above all, this has been one difficult year.  But unfortunately, self-care is only often mentioned in...
Summer is winding down, and we're all figuring out what to do with school and our kids. Nerves are at an all-time high.And everyone's situation is different. But one thing is for sure; kids need structure, stability, and positivity like never before. So, here are a few ways to prepare both yourse...
Most Americans these days are stressed. We live in a fast-paced society with obligations in every direction. Multitasking is more common than ever before.But often, it's difficult for us to decipher what's truly "important" or how to give our attention to everything all the time.And it's exhausti...
When asked about life's top priorities, most would say quality time with family ranks in the top three.And yet, distractions abound in our speed train society. Often, we wind up glued to our devices, our kids are overscheduled, and job work pressures can be enormous. Is true family time impossibl...
The difference between seizing the day and slogging through it starts right when we open our eyes. At that moment, you set the tone for what is to come.Will it be massive energy and impact?Yes! It will because we know the key elements to a morning start that pumps you up for the day ahead. Making...
A father's presence is irreplaceable. In my home growing up, and even with my husband now, dad represents the quiet, calm support when we need a steady hand. The rock that we can lean on no matter what.So, let's show dad how much he means to us on this day. Here are three ways to give dad the lov...

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