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Like many, my family and I are re-evaluating travel and holidays this year. We're adjusting. And then adjusting again.And we're realizing that a lot of time at home is in our near future. For that reason, here are ten easy and festive Christmas traditions you can do from the comfort of your own h...
It's been such a trying year for all of us. And with our friends, we may feel more isolated or divided than ever before. So, today are ten quick ways to show a friend a little love this holiday season.  May you brighten someone's day and brighten your own in the process! 10 Ways to Let a Friend K...
With fewer get-togethers this year, the holidays may sound a little quieter in your home.   However, that doesn't mean you can't still have a beautiful and meaningful holiday. In fact, it may be the kind of slow down you need to truly feel the spirit of the season this year. So, here are five eas...
This year has been difficult for many of us, and we are ready to turn to the holiday season with a sense of happiness and peace.Yet, it will be easy to fill Christmas with tons of stuff this time around. Toys, knick-knacks, and online impulse purchases that feel great in the moment, but leave us ...
As we all continue to spend more time with our energetic kids, we often look for ways to have fun with them.The problem?There are now thousands of activities to do with your kids. And MOST of them include a lot of work on the parents’ part. We are supposed to set up, clean up, and buy supplies fo...
With the holidays quickly approaching, we're all looking for ways to connect with our family like never before. So, here are 10 questions that make excellent boredom busters! Pull them out in the month of November or on Thanksgiving Day. Then, enjoy what the entire family says about these options...
This year has been one of the toughest years I can remember. And for those dealing with personal issues on top of national tensions and a global pandemic, it has no doubt taken a lot of grit to get through. So, today, I'm introducing an easy way to brighten someone's 2020 holiday season.It's the ...
How well you get up in the morning is a key indicator of how effective your bedtime routine is. Do you pop out of bed ready to take on the world? Or do you wake up sluggish? Groggy from not enough sleep? If your mornings need improvement, perhaps it's time to re-evaluate what you do at night to c...
As the holiday season approaches, we're all starting to consider gift ideas for family and friends.But what about that person in your life that has everything? Or they're extremely picky. We all have one of these people in our lives. Well, it's time to get a little creative! Today, here are 5 qui...
 Measuring progress is the first step to success in any of our habits. For that reason, a habit tracker template is essential to keeping you motivated and moving in the right direction.  What's a habit tracker, you ask? It's anything you can use to mark off your new, amazing habit every day. This...

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