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As we continue on our journey of staying home, one challenge, in particular, keeps presenting itself. What in the world is for dinner?It's not that we didn't cook before. We did. But we also ate out more often and had activities outside of the house where we shared meals with others. Now, the res...
There's not a soul on this planet that doesn't struggle with procrastination from time to time.But these days are different. They challenge us in new and difficult ways. Our routines have likely changed. Our stress levels are through the roof. And our motivation has most likely taken a hard hit.E...
Since COVID-19, we've all had a lot on our minds.We are doing what we can to protect those we love. We've taken on new responsibilities and challenges. And we're managing an entirely new set of worries, anxiety, and possibly loneliness. It's a lot. But I've also found myself wondering how I can b...
My husband and I are lucky enough to be working from home these days. And we fully appreciate that we have the flexibility and luxury to do so. Yet, we also have three small children and new homeschooling responsibilities to perform. New challenges have certainly come to light.One of these challe...

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