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...and it takes you somewhere you could have never dreamed it would, and if you are lucky you realize in the midst of the journey; rather than in retrospect. When tragedy strikes, we are left with seemingly very few options, and in many cases even less hope. The tragedy could be something as obvi...
... than your child getting sick, except maybe working with a nervous first-time buyer. Well, not really. My son got real sick earlier in January which required multiple trips to his pediatrician and even a trip to Scottish Rite. Once we determined what was wrong, we had a course of action. But, ...
Face it, you know it when you see or feel it. Great, great service that is. We just returned from a Disney Cruise celebrating our son's 5th birthday. To say that mom and dad had BIG expectations for the trip would be an understatement, and would only be second to the grandparent's expectations th...
...but you do have to take a moment to appreciate it. It never ceases to amaze me just how much my son challenges me to be better today than I was yesterday. In fact, my mentor who passed away last December probably captured it best on Trey's fourth birthday by saying, "Trey, it sure has been fun...
...there is a chance to make the transition a bit smoother. My parents divorced when I was nine, and my memories of that turmoil can still linger today. As a child, it was really an impossible situation to understand or comprehend. As an adult looking back, it can still be confusing and frustrati...
... caused me to be angry and grateful in the same moment. I spent part of the day yesterday trying to explain the events of 9/11 to my four-year-old son. This was unexpected, but there was no choice when he saw an image of the second plane slamming into building and came running into the kitchen...
... that can eat away at us without us really noticing. Obviously, this is not isolated to a real estate transaction. It equally applies to our everyday lives. But, buyers and sellers alike are bombarded with a myriad of opportunities to let fear, rather than reality, rule the day. And, they need...
was a good idea. Really? I must admit that I can struggle with the tried and true concept of "restraint of pen and tongue". So, it could be argued, that when I think someone or something might have gone over-the-top, it should probably set off tornado sirens, or a least a "Danger, Will Robinson"....
can still kill a deal. A sad fact that a client found out just this week. A late payment was reported by their bank which triggered and automatic review by the lender. The payment would have been early had my client not mistakenly picked the wrong "pay from" account from the list of choices the b...
On October 10th, I will be participating in an Honor Flight that is being sponsored by Coldwell Banker CARES. This flight is meant to allow up to 60 WWII veterans the opportunity to take a day trip to Washington, D.C., to see the WWII Memorial. As a guardian, I will have the opportunity to spend ...

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