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A reference for home buyers and sellers to gain insight into the Atlanta Real Estate Market in a laid back, fun fashion.
...was my response during a recent conversation with a client. She laughed and explained that it suddenly registered that if one is going to put their home on the market, then one might actually be moving. However, this does not mean that she is de-cluttering. She is merely packing to move. Truth...
My son has just started T-ball season in the 4-5 year old age group. Having just turned four in December, he is one of the youngest kids. Just prior to the evaluation training day, and I do mean just prior, he decided he wanted give it a shot. Mind you, he had never thrown a baseball or put on a ...
How many times have I said this to a colleague or my broker?  In fact, it is just part of day-to-day business.  When this question comes up, it does not always mean the house is overpriced, but admittedly that is where the mind immediately goes. It could be many other things like not de-clutterin...
Is now a good time to sell? Should I buy now or wait? How are you making it in this market? The list goes on and on and on. I know that all the people currently in the real estate business have heard these questions and sometime they have felt like a barrage. I have really come to understand thes...
... but, how we respond to them is what really matters. I was out with some clients yesterday morning, and in my notes I had transposed a show anytime house with an appointment only home. Absolutely, my fault, and it could have made the owners particularly mad had they been home. I discovered thi...
... or does the credit really go to someone else? Well, for some people this is never really a question because the answer is obvious. Ashamedly, I can fall into the category that forgets it is not all about me. Without sounding ridiculous, I am much better served just being happy to be on the bu...
... so bring it on! I, for one, was not at all upset to say farewell to 2011. While the year professionally was very solid, the personal side got pretty rough with the loss of a few people that were important in my life, or in the lives of people I hold dear. The most devastating loss coming in D...
... it means you took the time to care. The world lost my mentor yesterday. I do not mean mentor in the traditional sense. He really was my father, friend, grandfather, confidant and spiritual adviser all rolled into one. His name was O.K. Sheffield, and while he mentored many, many guys, he had ...
to make someone smile, and maybe, forget about their stresses for a little while. I am not one that goes in for political correctness just for the sake of unintentionally offending someone. In fact, I think we all have many opportunities to relax a little bit, and let people be who they are. In m...
... but that is not license to forget or ignore the small stuff. I was out this past weekend with some friends and colleagues in the commercial world doing some quail hunting. The conversations were enlightening and in some cases exhibited hope that money was beginning to come off the sidelines. ...

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A reference for home buyers and sellers to gain insight into the Atlanta Real Estate Market in a laid back, fun fashion.