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A reference for home buyers and sellers to gain insight into the Atlanta Real Estate Market in a laid back, fun fashion.
... one and all. As this weekend is spent with family and friends, take a moment to ponder what the 4th of July is all about. It really is all about what is best about this country and all of us. I think it easiest to capture by saying, "As long as we stay grateful for those before us, we will re...
... is going, going, going, gone. As I look back over the past 6 months, it really all seems like a blur in many ways because I didn't really have a moment to slow down and look back at the results. Simply put, many of my goals for the year have been met, and I am now setting new goals for the ne...
...seems to be a non-standardized event. I am holding a home open this weekend at 14270 Cogburn Road in Alpharetta for an agent in my office. Technically, the listing has no reflection on me since I am not the listing agent. That said, I am the face of that home or any other open house I do for w...
...then it most likely is, and it can be really tough to watch. I have a client that is looking to lease his nice estate. We have been presented with a prospective tenant, but everything must happen yesterday. Well, today really, but yesterday is what it really sounds like. It gives me, and my cl...
... or the one you want to hear? This is today's market in an either/or type of question way. And, it is THE question that will determine whether your home will be bought or sold.  I have had a running conversation with another agent over the past week since she was frustrated she was not getting...
... thank you very much. It is so easy to get locked in to the things that are on my plate or the plates of my firends or clients. I frequently find myself frustrated or even obsessive about the things that are going on. It can be such a self-feeding downward sprial if I really choose to go down ...
... actually DOES exist! I must admit that I had almost forgotten what this like. In fact, I probably would not have believed them still possible had I not experienced it myself. But seriously, it did happen. We have a deal closing on June 30th that went binding May 27th. The property can only be...
Every year this weekend makes me think about my grandfather. A part of the "Greatest Generation", my grandfather was a proud, yet humble man that served his country with distinction in the European Theatre. When I was old enough to appreciate the things he had to say, we sat down and made a deal ...
I find myself in the mode of preparing to submit an offer for a client tomorrow. Like anything else, this always comes down to my preparation, and ability to communicate my client's expectations effectively. This is the normal course of business that we all do with any offer we submit: Confirm th...
is one of the hardest things to achieve. In fact, as I type right now, I am at Catch Air with my three year old. Don't think me a cad, just think me out of breath. I promise you that energy is so wasted on the young. Anyway, I cannot think of the last time I just unplugged - i.e. no computer, no ...

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A reference for home buyers and sellers to gain insight into the Atlanta Real Estate Market in a laid back, fun fashion.