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A reference for home buyers and sellers to gain insight into the Atlanta Real Estate Market in a laid back, fun fashion.
I spent the afternoon at a surgery center waiting for my wife to come out of sinus surgery. The pre-op nurse got her ready and comfortable. The surgical team did their jobs and tasks. The front desk made periodic phone calls to the back to keep me abreast of the situation and set the right expect...
  Drive the commute MORE THAN ONCE. What happens if that school bus is late? How do you get out of your new neighborhood before you are the first car behind it smelling the exhaust. Where are the bottlenecks? Can you avoid them? What are the alternate routes? Trying a commute just once may not hi...
We find ourselves in a very unique position on this one. For the first time I can remember, the builder and the consumer seem to have their interests aligned. The builders that are still around and have cash reserves are scooping up properties that other builders could not sustain, and in many ca...
My best friend lost his father, T.R. Benning, Jr., last night due to complications from a respiratory infection. It became readily apparent early in the week that Mr. Benning's condition was most likely not going to improve. Truthfully, this was somewhat of a shock despite his being 89. Mr. Benni...
How many times have I heard this? Too many to accurately state, but it does not get easier to hear. Truth is, people are scared for their familes and/or frustrated with the current eenomic environment. I think we all know that it will not be this way forever, but that does not mean it doesn't fee...
...that is quite different from "The Home of the Future" from my youth. It also appears that this is so much more plausible. Enjoy. A Day Made of Glass...Made possible by Corning
...can be the toughest thing for a seller to understand. Frequently, a seller is understandably emotionally attached to their home. In fact, it is often part of the family in that many great family moments have been experienced inside those walls. Whether previewing for a listing appointment or f...
...until you get the inspection report back. All to often I see a client's heart broken by a bad inspection report. When the market was strong, a bad inspection report was not necessarily a deal killer. The seller had greater latitude to make a few concessions without killing there bottom line. A...
03/04/2011 one of the toughest things that REALTORS do, but something we MUST do to protect the interests of our clients. Where am I going, well I am talking about the overpriced listing. Frequently, and more frequently these days, we run across sellers that want more for their house than the market w...

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A reference for home buyers and sellers to gain insight into the Atlanta Real Estate Market in a laid back, fun fashion.