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Double Rainbow: How to photograph a rainbow. On my way to a wake for a friend, I saw this double rainbow; Lloyd's way of saying good-bye, I am sure.   I thought I would share my success in capturing the moment. 1) Carry your camera ALWAYS!  This is 99% of getting a photo of a rainbow.  You never ...
From yesterday's shoot, a little about the house; Located in Webster MA Built in the 1800s Two story, walk-up attic 3 bed/3 bath/2 porches If you think you knw what it is, comment below.      
  It is time to update my photo.   But as you can see, yesterday's photos shoot was not very successful.  I will try again after a visit to the hairdresser.....wardrobe......make-up.....the gym......plastic surgeon...... I'll admit it.  I'm not a big fan of having my photo done.  We are all so ve...
I discovered this link last week.  I feel so obsolete.  No need to ask Joan for photography advice.  Just go to:   OK. Maybe I am over-reacting  a little.   (I learned that from my teenage daughters). This is a very fun link.  I could spend hours here. ...
 Back in the summer, Karen Seeman asked about shooting small rooms.  Here are my top four suggestions.     Tips for Small Rooms     The biggest challenge of real estate/architectural photography is to take a 10x15x10, 3-dimensional room (1500 cubic feet) and create an accurate 4x3, 2-dimensional ...
Deb is a woman after my own heart.  She has some great suggestions for knowing if your home is photo-ready.  I think this needs to be printed and shared with all my clients and their sellers!  I do love arriving at a home which is ready for me.When you’re selling your house, buyers will be introd...
I am re-blogging this in order to help spread the word.  Extreme Makeover Home Edition is coming to Springfield MA and they need help: Labor and Supplies.  Please contact Kathleen: if you can help at all.   Joan Hi Everyone!  I was just contacted by my friend & President ...
OK I now have a great idea for a new blog theme. What is it? In my capcaity as Real Estate photographer, I get to see some great, some unique and some CRAZY things.  I need to share some of the better and crazier things with my AR friends.   This morning we were at a unique property in Oxford MA....
Hi all.  It's been a while since I've been here.  But I'm back.  I'll be blogging about photo tips, my amazing daughters and playing in the real estate game with you all again.   I'm starting slow-blogging muscles are flabby.  I've been working with a friend on a big project for a while, and it i...
I'm re-blogging this post by my friend, Kathleen Cooper.  The town of Monson was hit very hard by the tornado.  Let's spread the word and help our neighbors when we can. Monson Tornado Relief Event - Motorcycle Ride The ride will be SATURDAY JUNE 25 2011 @ the Quaboag Riders MC (Hill Climb). This...

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Joan's thoughts and tips about photography; particularly Real Estate architectural, interiors, exteriors. Also some thoughts on how those are important for marketing and websites. I'll also chat about floor plans, lighting, camera settings and virtual tours.