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What does Photo Ready really mean? Last weekend I arrived at a listing ready to take photos and create the floor plan.  The sellers said "Just tell us what you want us to move in each room."  It's times like this I wish I had a time machine.   I have compiled a list of preparations based on quest...
In my effort to keep things interesting, I have decided to add "Family Fridays".  At least I know my blogging topic on Fridays! We have two AMAZING daughters, ages 13 and 11.  Yup-a teen and a tween.  I'm thinking that the topics will be endless! In November, 2004 a social worker brought these tw...
Looking through the photos on MLS.  OH-how they make me laugh sometimes. Many could be easily improved.   One common and easy to fix mistake: Shooting straight on, with no angle:  It's boring and flat.  When photographing your Real Estate Listing,  you are trying to put a 3-dimensional, 2000 squa...
In November 2004 two amazing foster girls, biological sisters aged 5 and 7 were placed in our home.  In November 2007, they made the front page of the local paper as they gaveled their adoptions final.  I am BLESSED beyond words to be their mom.  They had a CASA worker as they went through the ad...
Clouds are our friends.   I love clouds.  They are great on summer days-forming bunnies, castles, hearts, ice-cream cones, Abe Lincoln's beard and more.  They are also a great asset when photographing exteriors.   I know-you all love a sunny day.  "I want blue sky!"--I hear it all the time.   The...
WHY USE A FLASH? Why should you use a flash, and not just use the ambient light? There are many reasons: 1) Even lighting;  I use my flash primarily as a fill-light.  It evens out the lighting in the room. Maybe the room has windows on one end only, or it is east facing and you are shooting in t...
  This is what I shared yesterday at my mom's memorial.  OK-It's not real estate related, but if you want to know a bit more about me, this should help.     My mother wasn’t a typical mom, a typical woman, or  typical at anything she did. She didn’t share with me any housekeeping, make-up or fash...
Southwest Airlines as a Customer Service Model                   I am traveling from Boston MA to Sacramento CA with my family.   I am writing this blog during our layover at the St Louis airport (which does not have free Wifi, as of 7 April 2011).  We were scheduled to leave Boston at 6:00 am. ...
When on a shoot, I am frequently asked staging questions.  I guess people figure that I would know what looks good in a photo.  On a recent shoot, I was asked about the small bedroom, being used (as they are frequently) as an office.   I suggested that they stage it as a bedroom.  Now buyers know...
This post has a great idea for making a room look bigger.  So I felt inclined to share!  Judy obviously knows her stuff!  Great home stagers are worth every penny!Move a Wall without Construction Costs No, it's not an April Fool's joke. You can make a small room appear a bit bigger while also add...

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