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when putting your photos in your MLS-Really! Think Goldilocks: TOO BIG and you have two problems: 1) They take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to load.  Buyers get bored waiting and move on to the next listing. 2) Too much compression to make them fit in the alloted space can distort some details.  Ever see houses...
Closets: To photograph or not to photograph? Ok, the master bedroom has a custom walk-in closet in it: spacious, many shelves, shoe storage, lined drawers for jewelry, all of it, the whole nine yards, the kit AND the kaboodle.    So the listing agent or the seller thinks that a photograph of said...
I was asked by a friend/colleague to critique his video blog.  Here are three tips I shared with him, which can also help you. 1) Lens height:  The camera lens should be at, or just a bit above eye level.  If you are concerned about some extra pounds and that extra chin, raise the lens a bit high...

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Joan's thoughts and tips about photography; particularly Real Estate architectural, interiors, exteriors. Also some thoughts on how those are important for marketing and websites. I'll also chat about floor plans, lighting, camera settings and virtual tours.