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I had posted two months ago that I thought the time frame for a CA state notary commission would take 4 months from test to commission.I think this  time frame is incorrect and it should be approximately 8-10 weeks.If you are a notary who is re-commissioning, you will receive your commission 30 p...
When a California Notary Public is presented with a Power of Attorney form to notarize it rarely has the legally  correct CA notary verbiage pre-printed on the form.The public seems to download Power of Attorney forms from the Internet or buys them at a stationary store and the wording that was a...
I am hearing over and over again from friends/business colleagues/students at my notary classes/etc that they personally know friends that are living in homes for 1-2 years without making a house payment and no one has been evicted. I don't think these are "Urban Legend Stories" because too many ...
We have new loan signing classes available for$150 price includes the book: How To Become A Wildly Successful Loan Signing Agent, classroom instruction and our loan certification test.I have many marketing ideas to get "public notary work" that I teach at these classes. If ...
Yesterday I talked to the Calif. CPS (they administer the test for CA Notaries) and I was told that "renewing notaries" would probably not receive their commissions until 4 months after he/she take the test and pass. I really recommend renewing notaries take the test 6 months before their commiss...
I was teaching a loan signing course for yesterday in Anaheim CA and I had a tax accountant in the room and she told me the mileage rate for business mileage  is updated every Jan 1st and July 1st and July 1,2010 the rate will be $0.55 per mile. In my opinion, mileage should...
After teaching for over 5 years students to pass the CA state Notary exam for I realize many CA Notaries do not understand the " CA Certification by Document Custodian form.What a CA Notary is notarizing is a Jurat form that a signer is going to swear that the attache...
A website is similar to a business card; a Notary is expected to have one. What do you think when you ask a business person for their business card and they come up with some lame excuse why they don't have one to hand out right now?  I just consider them incompetent and move on! I think it's the...
I recommend this free marketing email newsletter for all small business owners and John Jantsch is a great  marketing guru for small businesses. John is going to have a free webinar on how to advertise/promote your business on Facebook on Jan 21, at 11 am PST with a gre...
Beginning on Jan. 1, 2010, the standard mileage rates for the use of a car (also vans, pickups or panel trucks) for business will be: 50 cents per mile for business miles driven . Be sure you record very careful documentation for every Notary/Loan Signer appointment you take. Remember the mileage...

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