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 Is Orange Really The New Black? Is orange really the new black? When I get a home ready for listing, often I have the sellers paint the front door.   It is a large part of the curb appeal, and when buyers are standing at the door waiting to go in, a freshly painted door is inviting.    My go to ...
Condo For Sale Near Hopkins in Charles Village, Baltimore With Parking.   I have a fabulous condo for sale near Hopkins in Charles Village, Baltimore with parking! Village Lofts at 3201 Saint Paul Street were built in 2007, so they have all the modern ammenities you are looking for. Open concept,...
  Why do people assume a realtor team is better?   I understand how teams may have better name recognition. They tend to advertise more, or have a big rainmaker who gets most of the business, while the other team members do the day to day work. But from the perspective of the buyer or seller, is ...
  Do sellers really "forget"?   Disclosure disclaimers. We all live with them. But what happens when the seller "forgets"?   This deal went down the tubes when we realized the sellers kept forgetting every issue they had. The scenario: very nice home in great neighborhood. Multiple offers. We did...
Poly what a lien? My home inspector found polybutylene (poly BUTE a leen). Should I be worried? Polybutylene pipes were common from 1978 to 1995 in the Sun Belt, Mid-Atlantic and Pacific Northwest.  They were first installed as they were less expensive than the traditional copper pipes. Polybutyl...
  How to Buy Real Estate in Mt Washington   Mt Washington has many niches within it's actual borders. If you are looking to buy real estate in Mt Washington, it really helps to use a realtor who is familiar with all the nooks and crannies.   Let's say you had kids and wanted a super friendly area...
  Why Mt Washington is the coolest neighborhood in Baltimore.   History: The history of Mt Washington was a summer getaway for affluent folks of Washington DC. Around 1900, people who could afford to leave DC in the hot humid summers did. Travel wasn't like it is today, yet Baltimore was close en...
  How to Sell Real Estate in Mt Washington   Though people tend to sell in Mt Washington only when they are moving away, or else buying up or downsizing, knowing how to best market your home to sell can always help. So who are the buyers who are looking in Mt Washington?       The proximity to Si...
  Lexington Market-Baltimore's Gem   Everyone knows about Lexington Market in Baltimore. In fact, there are five other markets in town as well: Broadway Market, Cross Street Market, Hollins Market, Northeast Market, and Avenue Market (Lafayette Market).     Recently I was lucky enough to take a s...
  Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs   No matter where you go, there are signs.    Signs telling us what we can do,       what we can't do,        and everything in between   from the past   to the future  

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