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If you missed RainCamp Online, you get a 2nd chance! The sessions were filled with wonderful ideas and tips and I am so greatful for the generosity of the speakers and to ActiveRain for putting it all together! Listen and learn!!Missed RainCamp Online?  Well you don't have to! We recorded each of...
Do you believe in miracles?... My definition of a miracle as something that wasn't going to happen anyway. Through your vision and intention, you bring things about. I just LOVE knowing I have the power to do this! And, I love playing with it. Last year, before the NAR Convention, I decided many ...
Kodak is staying ahead of everyone with their new cloud printing services! How cool is this???How could this save you time and untether you from your office!Hello again Activerain, We released a cool feature recently that I know will excite some of you social media geeks (this includes me) -- EAS...
  “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman (1903) "Maxims for Revolutionists"   I got the invitation to my 45th High School...
 In these challenging times, going back to basics, as many suggest, just doesn’t cut it! While many of the foundational prospecting activities are still important, most agents are finding they need to be thinking creatively, emploing innovations and new strategies to create a thriving business. W...
What's all the buzz about? Have you checked out Google+? My friend Carra Riley gives us some details and has an interesting chat with Guy Kawasaki!Google- Are You Kidding Me? An Anti-Social Networking site that has all the features a digital citizen has been looking for! Auto Birthday posts with ...
I am so very excited about what Carra and I have planned for this Girlfriend's Weekend! It's starting to fill. Don't get left out....We're bringing all our best stuff and surprises!Girlfriends, Do You Need To Reboot Your Brain? When is the last time you really had: mad fun  (thank you Carolyn Tan...
Take a look to see how   you measure up. What are your strengths and weaknesses?Remember..."life is too short to perfect your weaknesses!" Make it a delicious day!Have you ever wondered if you have the “IT” factor for Real Estate?  It seems that some people are natural Real Estate agents and for ...
NAR has found that the agents that send a pre-listing kit before they make their listing are more successful! This list compiled by Mimi Foster is a compelling example of what you should be sharing with sellers to differentiate your services! Check out Mimi's Buyer list too!  What Realtors Do for...
I have been gleefully gushing how happy I am with my new house to my husband, Bub. He replied the other day when I said, "I am Soooo Happy." .."How do you know?" That got me thinking. Is happiness about the external? About the right circumstances? About wanting, getting & having things? All of th...

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