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Home and Commercial Property Inspections throughout the Delaware Valley and Lehigh Valley areas. All inspections include our FREE package of warranties including: *5 Year Roof Leak Warranty *90-Day Home Warranty *$4000 SewerGard Warranty *$2000 MoldSafe Warranty In addition to our Home Inspection, we also do Stucco Inspections, New Construction Inspections, Condo Inspections, Investor Inspections, Pre-Listing Inspections, Seller's Inspections, Renter Inspections. First Time Buyer Specialists. Award Winning Client Service
My wife has clients who are preparing to list in the spring.  Knowing that they can make use of her inspector-husband, they asked her what they should do to make sure that their home will “pass” an inspection (homes don’t “pass” or “fail” inspections, but that is a common misconception). I get th...
I’m learning to love being stuck in traffic.   OK, I admit to minor road rage, and deep irritation with trucks, construction crews and minivans in the left lane (aren’t they always at the front of a slow lane of traffic?).  But that was the OLD me.   The NEW me is learning to love being held capt...
"Are you really considering buying this place?" That's what one Realtor overheard as an Inspector went about his business.  I got dozens of horror stories in response to my blog about Realtor-Inspector relationships. It consistently amazes me that the inspection world spends so much time on educa...
I'm not sure what I was expecting out of RainCamp, but I can say for sure that it was much more than I was anticipating.  SOOOOOOO much more. Even now, 24 hours later, I am still on intellectual overload - organizing my ideas, researching and refining my social media strategies, and reconsidering...
"He knows if you've been bad or good..." As a kid, I was always a little creeped out by the thought that Santa "sees you when you're sleeping" but I aprreciate the general spirit of the idea that he's always watching, so you need to be on your best behavior. It really is something that has carrie...
It's been bothering me for weeks now.  I got into an online exchange (or maybe it was a spirited debate, no - I think this qualified as an argument) with another inspector about a very basic concept.  Specifically, it was his core belief that Realtors are all money hungry bastards whom buyers sho...
Winter is here.  And, as always, oil prices are expected to rise continuously in coming months, so I thought I might report some winterization tips and tricks. With energy prices on the rise, no matter what method you use to heat your home (well, except maybe solar and geothermal) it is sure to c...
I just saw this (excellent original post by Reuben) and thought to share it with everyone.  In my experience CSST is the ONLY kind of gas tubing I have seen installed in new construction for going on 5 years now (maybe longer!!) This could be a real concern going forward, and is something to con...
It's just one week until Thanksgiving, and already the planning among friends and family has reached silly proportions.  Dinner times have been changed, travel plans made (then changed, then changed back) and trying to assign everyone something to bring and getting them here on time - well, that'...
It seems like I have been answering one question a lot on different forums lately, so I thought it might be time to revive this blog about How To Hire A Home Inspector. There seem to be a lot of First Time Buyers who are unsure of how to go about getting a home inspection, whom to trust, and exac...

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