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Home and Commercial Property Inspections throughout the Delaware Valley and Lehigh Valley areas. All inspections include our FREE package of warranties including: *5 Year Roof Leak Warranty *90-Day Home Warranty *$4000 SewerGard Warranty *$2000 MoldSafe Warranty In addition to our Home Inspection, we also do Stucco Inspections, New Construction Inspections, Condo Inspections, Investor Inspections, Pre-Listing Inspections, Seller's Inspections, Renter Inspections. First Time Buyer Specialists. Award Winning Client Service
Everyone has seen the statistics about the "softness" in the market.  If you missed it somehow, USA Today has another article today which shows sale prices at March 2005 levels, and shows 13 month trends which show a steady decline in sales, and illustrate that sales have dropped 250,000 (nationa...
For those who are doing "polyannas" or "secret Santas" my exteneded family is using a site that my mom found (she's an e-savvy older lady) called Elfster ( which has made the entire process SOOOOO much easier.You log on, enter the participants and their email addresses, date to ch...
Before long, we will all be making our resolutions (for me, these are also called "Those Pledges I Make To Be a Better Me That I forget About By February").Sure, lots of us would like to lose weight, or be more successful, or reach other personal goals - but it isn't as easy as just saying you wa...
If your house is anything like mine, you are already at DEFCON 2, as all efforts are redirected to supplying the picture-perfect Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family.  In an effort to inject some sanity (and hopefully entertainment) into the preparation, I thought it might help to remind ou...
Since I was little, I remember my dad running around behind us, turning off lights grumbling, "Does someone own stock in the Electric Company?!"  (I'll leave the discussion of how the concept of owning stock is lost on 6 year olds for another time).I forgot all about that until I began using a ho...
It has been a long time coming, but I am proud to announce that as of January 2008, a new non-profit organization focused on child and household safety in Southeastern PA, will open its doors.  The PA Home Safety Council has been a pet project of mine since I opened my doors as a home inspector 4...
OK, I understand it's getting colder, and now that everyone is firing up their heaters for the first time - problems are being discovered and PGW is overwhelmed.Currently, I am told that they are 3 weeks (at least!) from initial call to connection (so those of you planning for connection of new s...
My auto insurance company just sent me this friendly reminder, and I thought I might share it (and some other information) with you.  Deer migration/mating season occurs From about October through December (or so I am told - I never really watch the deer to ensure that they are mating).It seems t...
I know, I know - it's been really warm.  But I promise you, winter will come (I think).  The bad news is that heating oil prices here are already over $2.60 per gallon, 40 cents more than this time last year.  Experts predict that a 20% rise may be on the way before winter is over - that would me...
Everyone knows that one size does NOT fit all.But somehow, this point was lost on me as a businessman and home inspector until recently.  All homes are not the same.  All buyers are not the same.  So why do most inspectors offer a One Size Fits All Inspection for all clients?This dawned on me a l...

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