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The Federal Reserve continues to maintain historically low mortgage rates, which is a boon for buyers. These low rates are also highly beneficial for homeowners looking to refinance existing mortgages. Whether or not a homeowner should refinance a mortgage, however, depends on what he or she inte...
People decide to downsize their homes for a number of reasons. Whether the kids have moved out and they need less space, or the general upkeep is too time-consuming, selling a larger home and moving to a smaller one seems like a good way to cut back on expenses and save some money each month — in...
When you’re working with a current member of the military or a military veteran, you have a great opportunity to support someone who has worked hard to serve their country. There are nearly 21 million veterans in the United States, yet many of them are not aware of all of the benefits for which t...
 When someone mentions climate change, your first thoughts might turn to climbing temperatures. However, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), climate change extends beyond temperature. The things we rely on, including water systems, energy, transportation, ecos...
Flipping homes in the U.S. is a popular trend. More than 49,000 homes were flipped in the first quarter of 2019, representing 7.2% of all home sales, according to property data provider ATTOM Data Solutions. And for good reason — the average home flipper is seeing a gross profit of $60,000, or an...
Hurricane damage can be both physical, with high winds and floodwaters hurting homes and cars, and psychological. Weeks of clean-up, destroyed homes and lost jobs can have a long-term impact on current residents and prospective buyers alike. Yet Texas and other hurricane-prone states are resilien...
Living near the coast promises a more peaceful life as a place to get away from the noise of everyday urban living. It comes as no surprise that many people spend summers exploring new beaches and beautiful coastal regions with the hope of one day buying a house near the water.  As of 2018, appro...
The traditional way of buying up real estate rental properties is to buy an existing piece of real estate, fix it up and rent it out. But a new trend is emerging: Investors are building new properties with an eye on renting out completely fresh homes for investment income. In the United Kingdom, ...
Approximately 40 million Americans move homes every year, whether they’re upgrading, downsizing, or simply want to be closer to a job or family.  Those who have been through the house hunting process know that it can be intense. The stress level is often even higher for people living in markets w...
What’s the best way to join an economy as it’s booming? For many investors, that answer is simple: real estate. There’s only so much land to go around, after all, and if the economy grows, real estate is bound to increase in value.But infrastructure might provide an alternative that provides a mo...

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