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Write down this question:  "What is important about money to me?" When you ask yourself what is important about money to you, notice your answers fall into two categories: goals and values.  Goals are tangible.  They are usually related to specific things or experiences and have monetary value:  ...
The Carlsbad event on April 8th was a huge success. If you missed it I'll be in Irvine on Thursday, April 29th at the Hyatt Regency. Hurry up and register because this event will sell out too! When you invest just 3 hours with me Thursday, April 2...
Because for over 20 years I have been journaling, it's become one of the most important practices in my life.Journaling the way I do is as important to me as food and air might be for you. Here are several different ways I choose to use my journal.First, I love to write down all my random thought...
When we have a setback, when we experience pain - emotional, psychological, financial - the energy that the pain creates is often the wake-up call we need in order to reinvent and transform our lives.  When something occurs that causes deep pain, what happens next is a new awareness that emerges ...
Would You Trade 3 Hours To Learn Exactly How To Get 2 New Referrals In The Next 7 Days? When you invest just 3 hours with me Thursday, April 8th from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM at my all-new Real Estate Marketing Workshop, I’ll show you 10 simple, inexpensive ways to get an extra 2 referrals in the next ...
I want to continue the conversation from my previous post about asking for referrals DURING the transaction since there was so many great comments. You may notice that the best time to ask for an introduction is when your client has received and recognized your value. This is because people are a...
As a Realtor or Lender, do you know the optimal time to ask your client for a referral? Not an "OK" time, or a "good" time, but - the optimal time to ask for referrals? The optimal time to ask for referrals is when you're in the process of helping someone buy, sell, or borrow.  This is when you'r...
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