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This is a great article by Bloomberg on the likely upcoming cut to the overnight rate by the Fed. While not a shining bullet it wuld certainly help with the difficulty many are having obtaining financing give the market change. However, this article shows that almost two thirds of people expect a...
4 Comments,0,1197036.story The newest solution will finally head out to voters in January. The good news i that there is some protection for non-homesteaded proeprties. The bad news is that it is very, very little. While the 10% cap on job p...
I just got this message from FAR. This seems like a more comprehensive solution that originally put forward. I think it's a good idea to limit commercial property. The difference between the 3% cap and the 5% cap still leads to an exponential function which will increase prices for non-homesteade...
A Leon County judge decided that the wording in the summary of the newly proposed tax plan was insufficient because it did not clearly state that the Save Our Homes amendment (amendment 10 to Florida's Constitution) would be phased out over time. Rather than correcting the summary language in the...
Last night's announcement that the current City Commission retained ALL of their seats is a very positive step for the City of Ormond Beach. Earlier in the year, after a very confusing height limit restriction referendum, it appeared that the public had lost faith in the City Commission. The lead...
Today's news that the new property tax reduction may be off the ballot is unfortunate for those in the real estate industry and for those who are trying to sell property in the State. This adjustment is disapointing as it leave the so called Save Our Homes Ammendment (FL Ammendment 10) in full fo...
This slide was in the Wall Street Journal today and comes from the National Association of Realtors. While we are all hopeful that the Fed's reduction of the Fed Fund Rate by a half point will help with the mortgage crisis, I think this slide can graphically illustrate how important it is for mor...
The front page of the New York Times on Sunday featured an article title "Drop Foreseen in Median Price of Homes in U.S." the sub title is "Dip Would Be A First". Interestingly, the government records of housing prices have been kept since 1950 and have never showed an annual decline. There have ...
An article appeared in the paper this morning regarding the decline in new housing starts and the effect on the contractors and subcontractors in Volusia County. Ultimately, I think that this step needed to be taken in order to begin to reduce the inventory on the market. The current glut could n...
This letter was sent to me from Carl Domino. It includes his comments in the e-mail followed by the body of the letter he sent to Rep. Rubio. I post for your information only. Any thoughts are appreciated. SOH PORTABILITY UPDATE!   Current events in the financial markets, particularly the freezin...

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