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"How does having a mall close to your neighborhood impact RE values?" I asked the question below in a previous post right after this past December's "Black Friday" and was surprised to realize how many folks were relatively Pollyanna and/or indifferent about what is starting to look like a loomin...
Air B&B's vs VRBO's Anyone have any hands on experience as guests/clients or your own vacation rental investments?    I'm anxious to hear from folks who've had personal hands on experience with both. We will be expanding our VRBO  portfolio and are curious to know which may be the better choice f...
What Are Your Thoughts On The "Tiny House" Movement As A Homeowner?  As a Manufactured Housing Specialist, general contractor and real estate broker and developer I look at the Tiny House movement as a positive step in housing overall in specific segments i.e. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's) aka...
Thanksgiving As Seen Through The Eyes of My 8 Year Old Granddaughter I think the following speaks for itself. What else can I say. So proud of my Rose. We just spent a delightful Thanksgiving Holiday with my youngest son, Scott, and his wonderful family on San Diego's  Campland On The Bay in Miss...
Wishing Everyone The Happiest Thanksgiving Holiday Ever!  Have fun, eat, drink and be merry and share lots of love with your family. It's  the only one you have. The Arendsens
I Know this sounds a little old fashioned but there's a good ole boy in his 70's that's been using the same technology which is none other than his telephone and for the most part that's just his land line because all of his brochures and marketing are connected to it.He has a cell that his land ...
Very deserving. Donald Hester is one of the most graphic and thorough home inspectors I know and always shares such detailed information with myriad photos, graphs, charts, etc. He's a member of my MANUFACTURED HOME SALES AND LENDING INDUSTRY and I'm happy to share his contributions anytime.  Sun...
Thanks for posting this on my MANUFACTURED HOME SALES AND LENDING INDUSTRY group. It's important information for our industry and I will gladly re post it. VA Home Loan Information for Veterans Veterans, did you know you can refinance your current VA home loan with very little paperwork? Plus you...
Millennials Getting A Bad Rap? Or Are They Much Wiser Than We Think?   From being complacent and not wanting to work, to being dependent on their parents and living in their basements to not wanting to commit to marriage,  not wanting to buy homes and in many cases not even wanting to buy autos, ...
  When is it time to turn off the spigot to a great long time tenant?    I have a great 5 year tenant who always pays on time, is very quiet and neat and seems to be taking pretty good care of my rental from what I can see. But here's my dilemma. When she moved in we had painted the entire home i...

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