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  They average one a day. I'm talking about the email messages from self-styled SEO experts who tell me they have analyzed my website and they would like to help me improve it so it will score higher on Google and Yahoo. I know there are some excellent Internet consultants who do a superb job an...
Are You Ready to Buy A Home?The question may sound simple but the answer is far from simple and the answer may be the most important consideration you will make. If you simply assume that every prospective buyer is ready to buy a home because they say they are, you run the risk of seeing some of ...
Louisburg, Kansas. A Place Where People Live By Choice.  A small town that honors its heritage and welcomes its future … A community that is senior citizen friendly and a perfect place to raise a family … A community where people work together to solve problems and respond to opportunities … Four...
There is an old saying that, You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. It is equally difficult to turn a home buying mistake into a stable and secure mortgage, particularly when you encounter the perfect storm of a bad economy and record low home prices. Dealing with the existing mountain o...
I have spent the past five years working in the traditional mode of focusing on listing homes and representing buyers and sellers in response to email, phone call, Internet, walk-in, and referral leads as well as to leads resulting from my own prospecting, SOI contacts, etc. I have naturally brou...
When my oldest son was a pre-schooler, he would come up with some explanations of what he was seeing that at first simply seemed to be humorous yet when we reflected on what he had said, we realized there was some real insight if we looked for it. One night we were driving on the Interstate away ...
Judging by the lack of news coverage and thus the lack of public outrage it seems that the unfortunate homeowners who are faced with the loss of their home due to loss of a job, medical emergency, family issues ranging from the death of a spouse to divorce are no big deal. But I refuse to accept...
A couple of years ago I was approached by a homeowner who had a problem with a small house on which she owed over $100,000 (1st and 2nd) and realistically the market value of the home was under $40,000. At that time I had never listed a short sale but thought I knew what it was and assumed I coul...
 I doubt I am the only REALTOR®  who creates their own narrative every time they show a home, especially a foreclosure or short sale property. As I approach the house I observe the attention to detail reflected in the maintenance or lack of maintenance visible from a distance. As I fumble with t...
It has been more than half a century since I was an undergraduate in Opal Cole's Speech Class in which she required everyone in her class to prepare and present a speech on the same topic: Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude! I don't remember what I said but I will never forget the topic. Ther...

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