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  What room in the home provokes more analysis, expert opinion, design and re-design, lots of thought, hesitation and which people gravitate to as if by instinctive.....the kitchen. Since its evolutionary linkage to the cooking range and the capability of getting water, the kitchen has had more t...
If you dislike reading and looking at statistical charts you may want to pass on this article present in  However if charts are not disturbing then you will get an enlightning picture of Ventura County real estate for the immediate period (2009) as well as for the las...
It is too early to say that the trend in real estate is up.  Since March, 2009 it has been basically sideways.  The October uptick may suggest that despite the local and national economic woes real estate may do its own thing. The September, 2009 down tick may have been a hic-cup in the overall t...
Today when this term is used it is hoped that something will be created out of nothing.  This ancient Aramaic roots (Avrah KaDabra) means "I create as I speak". Well over the last week the real estate market in Ventura County did an "Abracadabra" and the down trend that had been in place for two ...
Listings continue to decrease (1932 last week; 1859 this week); sales however climbed and it is probably due to the paper work being delayed in recording sales therefore the prices which had been going down now appears to have stabilized over the last  week. The chart below summarizes the last we...
Again job creation (high paying), a decrease in unemployment are the necessary ingredients to propel the market upward. Political double talk aside job creation and reduction of unemployment in California is taking on a monster stance.  Historically tax decreases helped to right the ship faster. ...
After awhile statistical information being just numbers becomes mesmerizing and some common sense has to come into play. The numbers do what numbers are supposed to do....lay out what is happening and it is up to the individual to wade through and make sense of what that happening is. This week f...
New taxes (both federal, state and local) are on the horizon.  I suspect that these new taxes will bein the form of "take away".  Exemptions will be eliminated; possibly contributions will go by the way side; mortgage interest and real estate taxes will be reduced initially then eliminated comple...
Normally at this time of year people who want to buy are out in full force looking and planning to move, and if they have kids, registered in their new school.  They want to get over with before school starts.   But the economy has many people concerned about jobs so the norm has changed. Until u...
We are celebrating our 4th of July and many of us witnessed the sparkles in the night sky to remind us of our Country's birthday. As with the Country's birthday real estate is now showing signs of sparkles as well. Not with the dazzle of what we saw in the night sky on the 4th.  It is somewhat mo...

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