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Do you know what are the top-of-the-line services a chatbot can provide for your real estate firm? Here’s what’s possible to implement when time and money are no object. While these features are not practical for every firm, they will at least give you a sense of what’s possible.1 - Quality custo...
Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or renovate; a house’s crawl space cannot be ignored. A poorly kept crawl space can lead to a world of troubles, from reducing the air quality of a house all the way up to damaging the integrity of the entire building. By listing common crawl space problems, ...
 As we all know, the way real estate agents communicate with customers is very different now than it was a few decades ago. The days of sending postcards to clients are long gone. Now, most of us generate our leads online and connect with them over email or instant messenger apps.The problem is t...
CBD has been the buzzword on everyone’s lips these last few months. The recent legalization of hemp by the US Congress has sent the market for CBD products booming, and now that CBD is in the spotlight, many experts are just now beginning to really explore the benefits of these products.If for so...
Over the last few years, the legal cannabis industry in the US has grown dramatically. 29 states including Florida have already legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, and some states have even legalized it for recreational use.One of the most commonly cited arguments towards legalization foc...
Rules are important. As a landlord, they’re really all you have to prevent tenants from abusing your property. By making sure your rules are thorough, clean, and legally airtight, you can discourage the abuse of your property and legally protect yourself.The important thing to remember when it co...
For many first-time home buyers, the most important question they have when buying a home is ‘what kind of mortgage will lenders be willing to offer me?’. However, that’s not the question they should be asking. They should be asking ‘what kind of mortgage can I afford?’ Just because a lender is w...
4 Factors Mortgage Companies Take Into Account Other than Your Credit History  One of the most important problems facing potential home buyers is the idea that having a bad credit history makes it impossible for them to secure a mortgage. Whilst it's true that a bad credit history can make it mor...
Healthy eating is a trend that is growing more fashionable year on year and a demand for healthy products is reaching into all types of markets, including the real estate market. Whilst some urban communities are sourcing all of their health foods from convenient meal delivery or kit services lik...

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