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Encinitas Real Estate and Homes, including Encinitas market updates, home brochures, and photographs.
We listed this home a couple of years ago.  It was the very first of our brochures taken with the Canon 5D and tilt/shift lens.  I thought I would put the brochure on line for those people interested in Encinitas homes, particularly historic ones. To take that front picture, I climbed up a ladder...
Here's another of our early brochures of a home in Encinitas for those shopping different areas and want to look at what some of the homes are like.  This one is in the Flora Vista school district.  It sold within a couple of weeks because the buyers fell out of escrow on another home and put an ...
Here is another of our past brochures for those people interested in Encinitas homes.  This home is not currently on the market but instead was leased on a long-term basis.  It was completely updated by the owner, and I think the photographs show off the care that the owners spent in doing the up...
Margaret created a new Encinitas Real Estate group within ActiveRain, and so I thought it would be useful to post some of our prior brochures so that people could see what properties in Encinitas looked like.  Here's the brochure (less the back page which discusses our team). This home is not cur...
Well, it was the end of the year, Margaret was out of town, and she left me with a $2M home to photograph....that meant I got to go shopping and expense a few dollars for the photo shoot.  To reward myself for a year's hard work and working over the Christmas holiday, I bought (for both of us), a...
I had been meaning to mess around with raw format, and since I recently bought Photoshop CS3, I thought I would finally take the opportunity. My first impression: COOL!  You can open up multiple photos with photoshop and it puts you in an interim viewer that allows you to change all sorts of whit...
Margaret took the kids out of town for the holidays, but I had to stay to photograph an Encinitas listing that is coming online soon.  I took some extra time to take some pictures of me taking pictures and the setup that I used to get the photo.  First, let me show you the brochure cover as it fi...
The spyware creators have gotten more creative, and because they now use embedded tools on relatively innocent-looking pages, I finally had to break down and install an antispyware program.  I was wandering through Fry's the other day, and I saw what was a "free" offer for Spyware Doctor.  I pres...
I've noticed that some real estate agents talk about promoting "themselves."  Make no mistake, I am a relentless marketer.  But we try to focus less on "us" than we can do for our clients and how we do it. There are all sorts of books on differentiating yourself from others.  (e.g., Becoming a Ca...
I have been printing stuff for 30 years, but it was only in the past five years that I finally spent the money for a more expensive paper cutter.  They're not cheap, but they sure are good.  Here's my review in case you are looking for a good paper cutter.For small volume, super high precision, o...

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Encinitas Real Estate and Homes, including Encinitas market updates, home brochures, and photographs.