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Interest rates have fallen again!  4 5/8% on a 30 year fixed rate!  We have been so busy lately with the stimulus money expiring that I haven't sent a tip for nearly 2 months.  We were concerned about home sales falling, but thank goodness interest rates fell instead.  If you want to buy or sell,...
Delaware County has been ranked the #1 healthiest county in Ohio in which to live, according to Robt Wood Foundation & University of Wisconsin.  Franklin Co. ranked  64.  Fairfield 15, Licking 29, Union 30, Knox 38.  Criteria used was morbidity, mortality, tobacco use, diet, exercise and other fa...
Here's a little good news today.  Columbus is ranked #2 in the nation as best place to buy real estate.  What Ohio cities are #1 and #3?  Click the link below to find out.  Aren't you glad you're a Buckeye?  Central Ohio real estate experienced a good rebound last year.  2010 looks to match it......
Cheri, my lovely wife and manager of RE/MAX Impact shared market stats at our monthly meeting today.  Here's the scoop.  Number of sales in Columbus MLS compared to last year is down 9.4%.  However, RE/MAX Impact is up 30%!  Number of homes on the market is down 12.2%.  Home prices fell a little ...
Interest rates just keep getting better.  About 6 months ago I had forecast 7% rates by Christmas.  I'm pleased to say...I was wrong.  I may have missed the timing, but I'm still forecasting rates climbing in the not too distant future.  If you are planning on buying, selling or refinancing now i...
Had several clients ask this same question this week.  QUESTION:  How will the new extended and expanded stimulus affect real estate? ANSWER: First, let me reiterate that the $8000 tax credit for first time buyers and the new $6500 tax credit (if you have owned for 5 years) has been approved thro...
Recessions are inherently unfair.  The people most affected are the very ones who have always pulled us out of recessions.  Private industry.  Recessions would be shorter and easier to weather if everyone participated, however most public employees and unionized workers are not allowed (or forced...
QUESTION: Does granite countertops and ceramic & wood floors add value to your home? ANSWER: These upgrades will enhance your home's appeal and will help it sell more quickly, but adds little value if your home is valued under $300,000.  The market definitely penalizes you for the lack of these u...
There has been $400,000,000,000 (billion) in real estate foreclosed or sold short (loan not paid in full) since the market turned down.  Another wave of foreclosures will be hitting early next year.  It is estimated there are $300+ billion in mortgage loans still in trouble.   SO WHAT? That's act...
Check all radiators for proper antifreeze protection soon.  You should change antifreeze every 2 or 3 years so as to keep its rust protection. When you mow for the last time this year be sure to winterize the mower.  Add some StaBil to the gas and run the motor long enough to get it in the carbur...

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