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2009 Looks Good! Let's review 2008 first.  Residential sales totaled 18,302. That's down from 20,783 in 2007, a 11.decline.   Average sale price was also down.  Depending on your area and price range from as little as 2.9% to as much as 15%.  Obviously, the higher price ranges and areas with a lo...
Because of my involvement in single family rentals, I have been ask to beta test software which will analyze properties as to their investment potential. This is free to me and up to 20 investors who are computer savvy and want to help test this software.  I've tried it and it's so easy a caveman...
The effect of the government bailouts will create some opportunities in real estate in the next few years. Here's what my crystal ball says: We have to fund these bailouts. The money has to come from one or several of these three sources.  1. Print it  2. Borrow it3. Increase tax revenue Printing...
2668 Bryn Mawr Dr Lewis Center 43035.  Custom built stone/stucco 2 story.  Huge 5th bedroom could be used as a bonus room,  1st floor master suite.  Bridge overlooking the great room has wood spindle railing.  hand stained wood work throughout.  2 tiered deck, over 1/2 acre of land, comcrete driv...
Dave Liniger, chairman and co-founder of RE/MAX  recently asked the following question in his blog: How Would You Stimulate This Market?  Below is John's response to Dave's question.  We thought you may find it interesting.    Dave, It seems clear the government doesn't know how they got us in th...
COMMON SENSE CZAR I want to put my name in the hat for a new Presidential Cabinet position.  Common Sense Czar.  Seems like it would be the MOST important cabinet position as there are so few people with common sense.  I'm not sure how I got common sense, but I got it and it's a frightening gift....
RENEGOTIATION  If you know someone who is struggling under their current mortgage, or a few months late on payments they may still have options.  Some mortgage companies are now renegotiating the loan rather than foreclosing.  They may reduce the principle, reduce the interest rate or a combinati...
Did you hear the rumor about 4 ½% 30 year fixed home mortgage rates?  I have it from a good source that congress is stalling the approval until after January 20, 2009, but it will happen.  So get ready if you plan to buy a home this year.  If you need to sell first you should get your house liste...
There's no parachute in this bailout! What are the chances of GM and Chrysler repaying their bailout loan?  I say about as good as buying a good GM (Government Made) car.    Our congress had oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  They loosened up the requirements of getting a loan and permitte...
SALT. It's great on steak and pizza and vegetables and apples and muskmelon and just about everything... Except concrete. Well it's not too good on your car either. Salt is like little termites quietly eating away at your concrete while you sleep. This winter has already been snowy and icy and th...

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