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As a Short Sales Processing Service this blog is to help inform and receive information on our industry. This blog is to explain some things to the homeowner or realtor in Short Selling, Loan Modification, and industry related news.
     Just recently Nicolas Cage sold his Newport Beach, CA home for $35 million which he paid $25 million in 2005.  The buyer is Jerry Herbst and 70ish year old owner/chairman of Terrible Herbst which runs gas stations and other retail operations.      So I guess the economy is not that bad if h...
Some of the new California laws that may take for this year: SWEEPSTAKE JARGEN TO CHANGE This CA bill says that it will be banning misleading sweepstakes entry material designed falsly draw someone to participate by saying that they have been specially selected to participate in their drawing.  M...
     Now California has a New Year's resolution for their so many driver that do everything but drive during their commute.  Like 5 other states, Washington, Alaska, Louisiana, Minnesota and New Jersey, are also banning texting while driving.       Now the CA bill making it an infraction to write...
These are based on the California conditions that the banks are not overwhelmed and will follow some sort of guidelines.  More or less this is the minimum time frame...  30 Days of Delinquency:  A Pre-Lien is issued and mailed to the borrower 60 Days of Delinquency: Lien is issued on the property...
Know that sellers will take a bigger hit on their credit report by going through foreclosure than going thru a Short Sale. Of course paying you mortgage with a few late payments and modifying you loan is the best course of action, however that topic is for a different blog.  FICO score may sway t...
Short Sales, "short selling", "shorting", Short Payoff, Pre-Foreclosure Sale, or Comprmise of Sale happens when a lender agrees to accept less than the amount owed against the home because there is not enough equity to sell and pay all costs of sale.  In a nutshell it is asking the bank for forgi...
For borrowers that are unable to maintain your mortgage payment(s)and need an option to avoid possible Foreclosure or worse Bankruptcy.  Here are some hardships that may qualify for short selling a home. MORTGAGE RELATED REASONS No Equity available to Refinance Interest Rate Adjusted Balloon is d...
The GOVERNMENT Stimulus Act of 2008 and "Hope for Home Owners" programs seem to be a solution for our current foreclosure situation... however most home owners CANNOT QUALIFY. Processing your short sale and helping you start anew. 
Are you a victim due to the Mortgage Crisis? Do you owe too much money and can't sell? Do you have no equity and can't refinance? Did your mortgage adjust? Are you facing foreclosure?  SHORT SALE  I can help you sell your home, even if you owe more than the current value. STOP FORECLOSURE AND SAV...
Don't Let the Bank Take YOUR HOME and Ruin YOUR CREDIT!   Call to see if you can save your credit. STOP the bank from FORECLOSING on YOU! I have no interest in purchasing or transfer the deed of your home to me. My services are to offer you options in trying to save your home through short sale. ...


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