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Stella is in the hospital now, taking medication to prevent a heart attack. My wife and I just heard from Stella. Yes, from her hospital bed she wrote: " Please excuse this long delay to pray you had a most happy, healthy and blessed anniversary. If my records are correct, this is your 40th weddi...
BUSINESS FOR SALE IN BEAUFORT SOUTH CAROLINA Love Sales? Maybe you Want to get away from Real Estate--or Do something fun and new? Relocation forces the sale of a sales-oriented franchise. This is a business to business service with lots of potential in Beaufort County South Carolina. There is a...
From time to time, I will feature a Bluffton-Beaufort-Hilton Head professional and hope you find posts like these informative. I can vouch for Keith. He does an incredible job and offers superlative service... Who Needs a Home Inspection? by  Keith Hutcheson   This is a tough question for a profe...
I am grateful today. My wife and I traveled to Virginia, yesterday. After about 8 hours of driving, our ride was uneventful. Following the little voice of the GPS, we took the suggested route. There's been lots of snow here--and I don't have snow tires on my car--after all, we don't get much sno...
Creating Our Own Economy This is the first in a series of posts that I want  to continue to do for local business owners and professionals. We are in the business of real estate and we need to do all that we can do to be boosters of local enterprises. I'd encourage all real estate professionals t...
"As we all know, God never promised us that we would never be hurt; however, it is so cool that the only way some things can be explained is that God stepped in - otherwise there would have been a different result." (Thanks Brian for this wonderful story) Sometimes our lives can feel like and loo...
  The  press was quick to lance and ridicule Pat Robertson because he made a comment about the horrific earthquake coming about as a supernatural consequence of Haiti's legendary "pact with th devil."  He later clarified his statements, but nonetheless, the Press insists on majoring on the minors...
 If you plan on staying in a home for 5 to 7 years, buying is a wise option. If not, renting may be the best option.Home prices have hit bottom in most areas of the country, but they're not like a rubber ball. Sellers can't expect much of a bounce. At the Center for Economic Policy Research, in W...
Sellers of homes Bulffton South Carolina--if you need to sell you home in  30 days, instead of 30 weeks, there are two things you need to consider to NOT become a victim of our real estate market. This blog post by an active rain colleague about his market area applies to us here in South Carolin...
In line with expert's estimates, the The Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller home price index rose by 0.4 percent. This was the 5th month in a row for an increase.  But, the index was lower by 7.3 percent from October last year.  The index is now up by 3.4 percent from its May bottom but is below it'...

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